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With the Browns trading Carlos Hyde, it’s Nick Chubb time in Cleveland


Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

It was a quiet Friday afternoon until news broke that the Cleveland Browns traded running back Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars for a fifth round pick:

This trade actually has some pretty significant fantasy impact for both teams but let’s start with the biggest winner from this trade: Nick Chubb.

GO GET NICK CHUBB RIGHT NOW ON YOUR FANTASY TEAM! Do it. Chubb is an extremely talented running back who’s shown flashes in his very limited touches, currently averaging 10 yards per carry on 16 carries. Clearly the Browns have seen more from him in practice and think he’s ready to take on a full starting workload. This should be a very encouraging sign for Browns fans and Nick Chubb owners everywhere. Clark is currently peeing himself in just pure happiness.

This is also good news for Duke Johnson fans as now there’s one less mouth to feed in Cleveland’s backfield. We’ve already seen Johnson’s role in the passing game increase in recent weeks and my guess is that’ll continue. Both of these backs see a big uptick in fantasy value with this trade.

For Carlos Hyde, this is also a big win for him. As Matthew Berry points out, Hyde leaves the 28th offensive line in terms of yards per carry before first contact and now joins the 9th. Basically, Hyde just massively improved his offensive line AND has joined a team we all know wants to run the football down it’s opponents throats. That hasn’t happened with Leonard Fournette missing so much time this year but now the Jaguars have made a move to get themselves a back that can grind out tough yards and shoulder a 20 carry workload. Big win for Hyde owners and Jags fans alike.

Only person this isn’t great news for is Fournette as this means the Jaguars are not optimistic about his return date. It’s been a tough season for Fournette and Fournette owners and did doesn’t seem like it’ll be getting easier anytime soon.

Just go add Nick Chubb right now and that’ll help you feel better. I promise.