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5 ideal landing spots for Amari Cooper

I’m on a quest to return Amari Cooper to fantasy greatness.

Oakland Raiders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s taken only nine months for the world to realize why you don’t bring a coach out of a ten-year retirement and sign him to a 10-year, $100 million contract. Jon Gruden’s Raiders have been a hot mess and it seems the dissection of what was once an actually decently talented roster is far from over.

After making his first major decision as head coach/GM/God trading away disgruntled quarterback wrecker and game changer Khalil Mack, it seems Jon Gruden is now looking to trade wide receiver Amari Cooper out of Oakland.

I’m not sure any team is going to give up a first round pick for Cooper but I do want to get Cooper the eff out of Oakland because Gruden has no idea how to use him and it’s killing the career of one of the more heralded receivers coming out of college. Never forget, Cooper made the Pro Bowl his first two years in the league and looked to be a very solid young receiver. Now he’s the butt of most of the fantasy jokes on the interwebs and certainly on the RB1 podcast.

Now I generally like to think of myself as a nice guy and I always want to see players, particularly young, talented players, reach their full potential; so I’m making it my quest—nay, my duty—to get Amari out of Oakland and back into an offense that will know how to utilize him and return him to both real football and fantasy football dominance.

5. San Francisco 49ers

I love me some Kyle Shanahan and I trust that he’d know exactly how to maximize Cooper’s talents. Obviously the 49ers aren’t really in a place to win this year given Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season, but adding Cooper to that roster would be a huge step for the team moving forward. Plus, C.J. Beathard looked at least halfway decent Monday Night against the Packers so I can hope that even he’d bring more to Cooper’s fantasy value. Really this is about the future and just how massively I’d overdraft Cooper next year in fantasy if this trade happened.

4. Dallas Cowboys

We all know the Cowboys need a wide receiver and the Raiders need a pass rusher. I’m actually operating in the real football world for this pick because both teams could work out an actual trade for Cooper. Who says no to a Cooper/Randy Gregory swap? The Cowboys have depth on the defensive line and the Raiders need all the pass rush help they can get (can’t imagine why...). As for Cooper, he’d come into Dallas the clear cut number one guy and give Dak Prescott a reliable pass catcher to pair with Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield and suddenly a productive Cole Beasley.

3. Cleveland Browns/New York Jets

I’m clumping the Browns and Jets together because they’re more or less the same team right now. Both have rookie quarterbacks who look like they could be the real deal and getting them another weapon to throw to would be HUGE for their development. Personally, I would love to see Cooper in Cleveland. The Browns do have weapons on offense but they’re missing a legit receiver to pair with Jarvis Landry and adding Cooper there could be just what the doctor ordered. The Jets just took a big hit losing Quincy Enunwa for extended time and adding Cooper alongside the man I just can’t quit Terrelle Pryor and the man I’ve quitted so many times and he’s made me regret it Robby Anderson would be a very nice receiving core for Sam Darnold to work with.

2. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is back people and is currently on pace to lead the league in pass attempts despite recovering from a shoulder injury that kept him out a year and a half. But ignore that shit, ANDREW LUCK IS BACK! However, he doesn’t have a lot of people to throw the ball to as the T.Y. Hilton injury has made readily apparent. Cooper in Indy just makes sense and would certainly give him at least reliable fantasy value. Added bonus, thanks to the Jets moving up to take Darnold, the Colts have the draft capital to pull the trade off. Minus bonus, the Raiders and Colts play each other Week 8 meaning there’s almost no way a deal happens. It’s fun to think about though.

1. Green Bay Packers

You knew either the Packers or Patriots were going to appear on a “let’s return wide receiver X to fantasy glory” article and the Patriots already got their man in Josh Gordon so I don’t think they’re likely to double dip. The Packers on the other hand have been dealing with injuries at the receiver position all year and it’s forced both their rookie wide receivers into the fray much earlier than I’m sure they anticipated in using them. Now, both rookies have looked good at times but imagine how much better this offense would look with Davante Adams working on the outside with Cooper running routes out of the slot. Ugh, unstoppable. AND the Packers have two first round picks in the upcoming draft meaning they could—I don’t think they would—give the first that Oakland is looking for. Given what Aaron Rodgers can do to a player’s fantasy value, it should be no surprise the cheeseheads fall atop this list.


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