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Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag: Trade LeSean McCoy?

Plus which Patriots running back do you start vs the Chiefs?

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Welcome to our first FRIDAY Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag! Thanks everyone who voted in the poll AND, for those who wanted the mailbag to come out Monday, I came up with a compromise! Now on Monday’s and throughout the week, I’ll post a Waiver wire help desk where you can leave your waiver questions in the comments and I’ll answer them. Hope that’s a nice compromise for everyone.

If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

  • tweet @petemrogers or @Faketeams using #FTFFmailbag
  • email at
  • leave your question in the comments!

Onto the mailbag:

Q: Should I trade LeSean McCoy for Alshon Jeffrey OR James White? Or neither? Half ppr. I have CMC, Melvin Gordon, Tyreek Hill, Doug Baldwin, Royce Freeman, Josh Gordon, Corey Davis.
— @mattcoiner23

Yes you should trade McCoy as far from your team as possible. Via injuries and just team wide incompetence, McCoy has been underutilized this season and as long as he stays in Buffalo, his fantasy value is microscopic.

If you can sell high on McCoy’s game last week and name value and land James White, go for it 100%. White is the Patriots’ best receiver so far this season and leds the team in targets, catches and receiving touchdowns. It’s nice that he also sprinkles in some rush yards and the occasional TD on the ground. With the backfield now just White and Sony Michel, White looks like he’ll have legit fantasy value all season long. If you can make this trade, DO IT!

Q: In my 0.5 PPR Superflex League should I start CMC, S Michel, or J White at RB2 beside Gurley? Also, is one of those worth more in my Superflex instead of Cousins or Wentz? Thanks!
— @AndetheEngineer

First off, my sincere apologies to Ande as I totally spaced on the fact that Wentz played Thursday night and thus it would’ve been helpful for me to actually have given him some advice prior to Thursday night football but Ande is a caring and forgiving soul and has allowed me to still offer him my humblest of fantasy opinions. (Also he said he started Wentz at QB—good call—and now has Cousins as his superflex so there’s still value in answering this question.)

Your RB2 should be for the rest of the season Christian McCaffrey. He’s averaging 22 touches per game so far this season and 6.15 yards per touch (5.22 per carry, 7.11 per catch). He’s fantasy gold for the rest of the season. (Side note: I just traded James Conner and Marvin Jones Jr for CMC and despite Conner putting up a ridiculous game last week, and me ultimately losing my matchup by ONE FREAKING POINT, I’m still very happy with the trade.)

As for your superflex, normally I’m always pro-QB because it takes a hell of a game from a skill position player to beat a typical QB performance BUT I could possibly maybe convince myself into rolling the dice with White as your superflex. The Cardinals’ defense, while terrible, absolutely terrible, at stopping the run, they’ve been halfway decent against the pass. They’re currently tied for 26th in the league in most points allowed to opposing QBs, giving up just over 14 points per game. And they’ve played good quarterbacks, like Jared Goff, Alex Smith and Russell Wilson.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs defense we all know is terrible just in general, but especially bad against running backs. And not only are the especially bad against running backs, they’re arguably the worst team in the league at dealing with receiving backs. They’ve given up the third most receptions, the most receiving yards and most receiving touchdowns to running backs. White might just be in for a MASSIVE game. I would feel pretty good about playing White over Cousins this week.

Q: AP, Ekeler, Hines?
— @hallshane7

No AP, he’s coming off a dislocated shoulder against a very good Panthers’ run defense. Between Hines and Ekeler is tough because Ekeler has the higher floor given that he’s just produced at a higher level so far this season, but Hines has been ramping up to a breakout game and that could come this weekend. My gut—and Clark Barnes’ voice in my head that said Hines is going for 100 yards against the Jets—says Hines.

Have fantasy football questions? You can email them into or tweet them at @petemrogers or @faketeams using the hashtag #FTFFmailbag.