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Fantasy Football Draft Guide: A Review

Heath reviews his preseason draft guide.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Before the NFL season began, I planted some flags at each position. My goal was to highlight a bunch of information for the casual fake footballer, the person who maybe hadn’t done a ton of research but needed a quick reference in order to get through their fake football draft. I covered a lot of ground in a short time and linked to loads of content here at Fake Teams. Below are preseason and end-of-season rankings for each of my picks. In the final column I will deem each call a win, a loss, or a draw. Let’s check out the calls.

FF Draft Guide: A Review

Russell Wilson QB4 QB1 W
Marcus Mariota QB7 QB21 L
Matthew Stafford QB15 QB6 W
Tyrod Taylor QB19 QB17 W
Sam Bradford QB21 QB46 D
Jay Cutler QB23 QB27 L
Devonta Freeman RB5 RB13 L
Kareem Hunt RB17 RB3 W
Mark Ingram RB21 RB6 W
Jonathan Stewart RB37 RB35 W
Jacquizz Rodgers RB48 RB76 L
Rex Burkhead RB49 RB38 W
Michael Thomas WR7 WR8 W
Doug Baldwin WR11 WR13 W
DeVante Parker WR32 WR57 L
Tyrell Williams WR37 WR40 L
Chris Hogan WR50 WR55 D
Kevin White WR52 N/A D
Kyle Rudolph TE7 TE6 W
Zach Ertz TE9 TE3 W
Coby Fleener TE14 TE33 L
Austin Hooper TE15 TE18 L
Charles Clay TE23 TE19 W
Vance McDonald TE28 TE52 L

I count a record of 12-9-3. In some places I was hard on myself. For instance, calling Devonta Freeman a loss seems excessive when he missed time due to injury. Likewise, we all had a solid idea that Jacquizz Rodgers would be a rental, so that feels like it could be a push, too.

The most obvious whiff was Marcus Mariota, who I ended up owning far more than I did Wilson, despite having them only one spot apart in my personal rankings. That one hurt the most.

Tyrod Taylor and Jonathan Stewart feel like solid wins, especially considering Taylor’s benching for Peterman and Stewart’s absence from Week 17. Matthew Stafford is a guy I lauded all preseason, and Mark Ingram was one of my favorite mid-range guys.

My worst showing was in the middle and late tiers at wide receiver, but some of that was due to injury and some probably just comes with the territory at wideout. Wide Receiver gets dicey in a hurry after you get outside WR2 status.

I fared pretty well in all my leagues at tight end. Rudolph, Ertz, and Clay all returned value. Austin Hooper was an epic disappointment to me, but luckily I hopped off that ride quickly and didn’t have to invest a lot of draft capital to take a shot on him.

How about you, ladies and gents? Who did you hit on? Who did you miss?