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If the Steelers don’t resign Le’Veon Bell, where would you want him to go?

I mean, they probably will and thus make this article ultimately pointless but hey, speculating is fun.

Getty Images/Peter Rogers Illustrations

While the Steelers ’ season ended in less than spectacular fashion Sunday, their offseason is already off to a splendiferous start. A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious start.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Le’Veon Bell blew off the Steelers’ Saturday walk through before their loss to the Jaguars:

Not only did Bell arrive much later than that for the playoff game against Jacksonville (as well as one coach), he missed practically the entire Saturday walk-through the day before, showing up about five minutes before practice ended.

This is sure to play into what will be a big decision for the Steelers regarding what to ultimately do with Bell. After playing a year under the tag, Bell is set to be a free agent again and wants all the money the Rooney family can muster, which he deserves. He wants to get paid as a top running back and a top receiver, which he is. He certainly plays both at a high level. He’s the best running back in the league and in a position that has a very short shelf life, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to not only get paid, but get that money guaranteed. I’m all behind you Bell.

For those thinking, “Eh, why not just tag Bell again?”, first off, it’d likely be about $14 million to tag him again. That’s a lot of cash money. Secondly, Bell has already gone on record about his feelings towards being franchised again:

He’s also gone on record saying he’d retire before playing under the tag again. Who knows if he means it but all this really is just to set the table that maybe, just maybe, Bell might be a free agent this offseason which would just be bonkers to me.

So, naturally, the million dollar question (LITERALLY) is, if Bell were a free agent, where would he go? Where would you—a fan of both football and fantasy football (presumably since you’re on a fantasy site)—want arguably the best fantasy player to end up?

Leave your pick in the comments and let’s get the debate going!