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The Double Switch Podcast: The MLB Power Surge and a Lack of Steals

Heath flies solo on the inaugural Double Switch podcast.

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Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Since Ghoji was down for the count with an illness, Heath went solo on the first episode of The Double Switch, which will be the fantasy baseball arm for Fake Teams. Make sure to follow along with the football version, the RB1 Fantasy Football Podcast.

After introductions you can hear about the MLB power surge (4:45) and how that compares to steroid era power numbers. Heath offers up some Giancarlo Stanton love (8:11) as well. Can he hit 70 home runs in 2018?

At 9:20 you can hear about some first-round targets for 2018 fantasy baseball leagues. Around 11:00 you will hear chatter about the scarcity of steals and what that means for Dee Gordon and Billy Hamilton types. Should you draft them? If so, where?

We’ll have Ghoji on board for next time to get the banter going. In the meantime, Go Braves! And I guess I’ll root for Ghoji’s Brewers, too.

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