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The #1 goalie over the last 30 days in fantasy is only 45% owned

Trusting in the sunshine state for hockey excellence?

Calgary Flames v Florida Panthers Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images

Does that get your attention. Yes? Good. No? Why are you still reading? Going deeper down Alice’s hole, it’s not exactly that simple. Deeper, past the Mad Hatter, past the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit, James Reimer has some very compelling arguments of why you should trust in him for the rest of the year, he also has some very compelling reasons why not to. Let’s make some pros and cons arguments.


1. When he was on, he was on. I would like to think that his December is correlated to Alice growing in the house until she smacks into the ceiling and cries, her tears lead to floods across the land. Reimer was growing and then he smacked right into a wall and the year turned.

In December he was on fire - .932Sv%; 2.35GAA; 7 wins and 6 loses.

2. Generally, he’s better post All-Star break – the Ceshire Cat, believe in this skeptically because it varies by month after All-Star break.

2016 – 2017: .923Sv %; 2.48GAA; 10 wins and 11 loses (vs. .916Sv %; 2.58GAA and 8 wins to 10 loses pre All-Star)

2015 – 2016: .904Sv %; 2.62GAA 9 wins and 7 loses (vs. .932Sv %; 2.10GAA and 8 wins to 14 loses pre All-Star)

2014 – 2015: .908; 2.95GAA but 3 wins to 7 loses (vs. .906; 3.32GAA and 6 wins to 9 loses pre All-Star)

3. March and April he shines – the White Rabbit taking you into the playoffs, just follow the lead.


2016-2017:.912 Sv %; 2.89GAA and record of 4-8

2015-2016: .926Sv %; 1.85GAA; record of 4-2

2014 – 2015: .904Sv %; 3.14GAA; record of 2-2


2016 – 2017: .952Sv %; 1.67GAA; record of 2-1

2015 – 2016: .966Sv %; 0.96GAA; record of 2-0

2014 – 2015 .929Sv %; 3.39GAA record 0-2.

4. He is doing much better vs. Eastern Conference AND Atlantic Division (where he will face the most games) than the Western Conference

Atlantic Division: .917Sv %; 2.78 GAA and a record of 4-3

Eastern Conference: .917Sv %; 2.92 GAA and a record of 7-10

Western Conference: .901Sv %; 3.23 GAA and a record of 5-6

The Panthers still have 17 Atlantic games. Additionally they have more away games then home left and he’s better away then he is at home.


1. This year, outside of December it’s been mediocre – advice from the Caterpillar. Much like the two pieces of Mushroom, James is working on getting the mix correct lest a pigeon mistake Reimer for a serpent.

October - .898Sv %; 3.7 GAA record of 3-4

November - .865Sv%; 3.8GAA record of 3-4

January - .894Sv%; 3.57GAA record of 1-3

2. February is NOT his month – The Queen of Hearts (see what I did there?)

2016 – 2017: .929Sv%; 2.08GAA; record of 4-2

2015 – 2016: .869Sv %; 3.8GAA and a record of 3-5

2014 – 2015 .898Sv %; 2.96GAA and a record of 1-3.

3. The Metropolitan Division has been more trying on him then the Atlantic apart (which shouldn’t come as a surprise given how well that division is doing again. The Metropolitan division over peppered dish the duchess makes for Alice causing her to sneeze violently. Just too much spice in this division.

.916Sv %; 3.05 record of 3-7. He still has 10 more games against them and it’s spaced out (one against every team)

If possible I’d avoid James for February and then ride him through March but a lot can go into those final weeks so I leave the choice up to you. Do you choose the blue pill or the red?