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RB1 Fantasy Football Podcast: Divisional Round preview: Don’t give the Patriots extra motivation + the official team of the podcast

The guys recap their Wild Card beer bets and preview Divisional Round action.

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New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Pete and Clark are getting hyped for the Divisional Round after a surprisingly excited Wild Card weekend, but first, they discuss Jon Gruden’s haircut (3:05) and other news around the NFL (9:47). The guys then recap their beer bets from last week (16:30)—and in turn, Wild Card weekend—which spoiler alert, ends in a tie. So they’re bringing it back this week to preview the Divisional Round (40:03), including why you don’t give the Patriots extra motivation (44:39) and the official playoff team of the RB1 podcast, despite the fact Clark thinks they’ll lose this week (57:08).

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