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2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

This stream has:

Outfield Week

Time for the angels in the outfield.

This stream has:

Third Base Week

A week dedicated to the third basemen.

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstops (Part 2)

The Fake Teams Staff give you the second half of their Top 30.

This stream has:

Shortstop Week

A week for the men in between the bases.

Is Jose Altuve the New #1 Player in Fantasy Baseball?

A look at Jose Altuve vs Mike Trout

Second Base Rankings (Part 2)

The guys rank the rest of the second basemen.

Second Base Rankings (Part 1)

The guys rank the Top 15 guys at the keystone.

This stream has:

Second Base Week

A week for the men at second base.

First Base Rankings (Part 2)

The Fake Teams Staff give you options 16 to 30 at first base.

First Base Rankings (Part 1)

The Fake Teams Staff rank the Top 15 options at first base for 2018 fantasy baseball.

This stream has:

First Base Week

A week for those at first.

Consensus Catcher Rankings

We went 44-deep at a yikes position. You can thank us now, not later.

Catcher rankings

Our first stab at your top 15 catchers for 2018.

This stream has:

Catcher Week

A week dedicated to the catchers.

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Outfield

2018 Outfield Rankings and Projected Stats

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Third Base

2018 Third Base Rankings and Projected Statistics

Fantasy Baseball 2018: Top 25

A super early look at the top 25 for next season!


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