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Quarterback Rankings: Week 1

How about some updated rankings!?

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NFL Season is here! NFL Season is here!

Ok. Now that I have that out of my system, lets get to it. At the beginning of the preseason Faketeams provided readers with an early QB ranking consensus. For the purpose of my exercise I will use my individual rankings from the consensus to move forward into week 1.

Week 1 rankings

Rank Name Opponent Change
Rank Name Opponent Change
1 Tom Brady vs. Chiefs -
2 Aaron Rodgers vs. Seahawks -
3 Drew Brees at Minnesota -
4 Russell Wilson at Green Bay ↑ 1
5 Matt Ryan at Chicago ↑ 2
6 Marcus Mariota vs. Oakland ↑ 1
7 Cam Newton at San Fran ↑ 1
8 Jameis Winston at Miami ↑ 1
9 Ben Roethlisberger at Cleveland ↑ 2
10 Kirk Cousins vs. Philadelphia -
11 Derek Carr at Tennessee ↑ 1
12 Phillip Rivers at Denver ↑ 1
13 Matthew Stafford vs. Arizona ↑ 1
14 Eli Manning at Dallas ↑ 1
15 Dak Prescott vs. NY Giants ↑ 1
16 Carson Palmer at Detroit ↑ 2
17 Andy Dalton vs. Baltimore ↑ 2
18 Carson Wentz at Washington ↑ 4
19 Tyrod Taylor vs. NY Jets ↓2
20 Sam Bradford vs. New Orleans ↑ 6
21 Alex Smith at New England ↑ 3
22 Jay Cutler vs. Tampa Bay
23 Joe Flacco at Cincinnati ↑ 2
24 Jared Goff vs. Indianapolis ↑ 2
25 Trevor Siemian vs. LA Chargers ↑ 2
26 Blake Bortles at Houston ↓6
27 Deshone Kizer vs. Pittsburgh
28 Josh McCown at Buffalo -
29 Tom Savage vs. Jacksonville -
30 Brian Hoyer vs. Carolina -
31 Mike Glennon vs. Atlanta -
32 Scott Tolzien at LA Rams

The biggest mover in week 1 is Sam Bradford. This is more of a reflection of the QB landscape than anything Bradford has done. The quarterbacks jumping onto the list are Jay Cutler, Deshone Kizer, and Scott Tolzien Injuries to Andrew Luck for Week 1 and Ryan Tannehill for the season accounted for much of the movement. The biggest faller of the week is Blake Bortles. He had a rough preseason that included fighting for his job with backup Chad Henne as well as finding himself on the Jacksonville roster bubble.

Week 1 of any NFL season is not much more than a crapshoot. I will have updated weekly rankings that will take into account 2017 performance to date, home/road matchups, weather, injuries, and more. Stay tuned for next week’s rankings and please comment or question below!