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Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag: Time to worry about Amari Cooper?

Plus Kupp or Blount & is there ever a bad time to have Legal Seafood.

NFL: New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag. This week we’re talking the struggles of Amari Cooper, is there a bad time to have Legal Seafood, what to do when your season hasn’t started well and more.

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: Amari Cooper has really been struggling. What should I do?
— Wyatt M.

Let me share with you the wise words of an old Jedi:

Patience is the name of the game with Amari. Yes he hasn’t broken out as many expect him to but we’re only three games through the season and the Raiders offense has shown—despite what last week taught us—that they can be highflying with the best of them.

Now I understand sometimes you can’t wait for a player to suddenly find himself and start putting up respectable fantasy scores. I totally get that. Cooper shouldn’t be a hard player to trade because he has name recognition and you can sell his potential.

It comes down to your roster construction. If you need Cooper to perform RIGHT NOW, then I’d sell. If you can keep him hidden on your bench until he gets his feet under him, which for the record I think he will, then keep him around and wait it out. I do think Cooper will have a productive fantasy season, it just might take a few weeks to get there.

(Finding that Yoda video sent me on a very long YouTube distraction trip in which I watched this video of Vader just annihilating the Rebellion on repeat for a solid 20 minutes.)

Q: If I’m 0-3 should I a) carry on fighting, b) trade my best players to help someone else, c) dump the roster or d) walk away?
— @PaddiCooper

Gotta pick A! You keep fighting the good fight! It’s only Week 3, you can come back from a 0-3 deficit. Just look at the 04 Red Sox. They came back from 0-3 and beat the Yankees in the AL Championships. IT CAN BE DONE!

Side note: I was very close to finding myself in a 0-3 start but thanks to the leg of Matt Prater and Larry Fitzgerald not aging, I was able to pull off the victory and get myself in the wins column. Because I know you care.

Q: Blount or Kupp?
— @swolegraveman


Quick, Kupp Cup Status update:

Full, but not overflowing. Yes it was overflowing earlier but the cup has been drunken from. Kupp was massively overshadowed by Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods in the Rams thrilling Thursday Night victory but I still think he has value this week. Larry Fitzgerald torched the Cowboys last week working mostly out of the slot, which is exactly where Kupp tends to operate.

It’s hard for me to go against Kupp because I’ve constructed a whole weird beer cup thing around him, but Blount is certain to have a big role in the Eagles offense with the loss of Darren Sproles and will be getting plenty of goal-line touches versus an average Chargers defense.

tl;dr Blount

Q: Did I make a mistake going to Legals seafood for dinner tonight?
— @sdz1713

Legal Sea Foods is never a mistake.

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