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Daily Fantasy MLB picks for Tuesday, September 26th

Feeling some Sam Travis love today.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Semi-full docket of games today (15) scattered from 7:10pm -10:10pm. The highest of the pitchers is Chris Sale ($11,800) @ Boston Red Sox

Weather (as of now):

Looks like clear skies for ball!

Target: Robbie Ray ($10,900) vs. San Francisco Giants

1. But Mark you picked him last week and he was lit up like a Christmas tree for 5ER across 4.1IP. I know and he’s going to rebound back strong today.

2. Even WITH a bad start he still had 6K’s aross 4 IP.

3. Prior to that clunker he had wins in 5 straight not to mention 10+k’s in 4 out of those 5.

Stack Against: Jake Thompson vs. Washington Nationals

1. It’s all or none for Jake who will face off against one of the better MLB teams (which he obviously struggles against)

2. Allowed 5 ER last time against Washington

3. Allowed 7 HR over his last 6 starts

Two Hitters I like:

Tucker Barnhart ($2,600) yeah Zach Davies is a good pitcher but Tucker is batting .280 against righties, not bad for $2,600.

Sam Travis ($2,000) his last 6 games where he had started at 1B he had at least 1 hit for $2,000 you get a good chance at a hit? Not bad eh?

Two Hitters to avoid:

Greg Bird is out today

Daniel Murphy is out today

Sample Lineup

Tucker Barnhart (C )

Sam Travis (1B)

Daniel Robertson (2B)

Paul De Jong (SS)

Nolan Arenado (3B)

Jayson Werth (OF)

Kyle Schwarber (OF)

Bryce Harper (OF)