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Want to write about fantasy basketball? Read on!

We’re looking for fantasy basketball writers so if you got a love of hoops and a background in writing, hit us up!

NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We want to bring you as much fantasy sports coverage as possible, but sometimes there aren't enough bodies to help us write, so it is time to add to our fantasy writing staff.

I’m looking primarily for fantasy basketball writers BUT, if you write fantasy baseball or football, feel free to read on (you never know when we’ll be looking to add to our staff).

Before reading the rest of this post, or shortly thereafter, make sure you do three things:

1. Sign up and join for Fake Teams

2. If you want your real name to appear on the site, please use it when joining. Otherwise, you can use any name you want.

3. Write a fanpost here at Fake Teams so I, and our readers, can get an idea about your writing skills and your fantasy basketball knowledge.

What am I looking for?

1. Looking for experienced, or inexperienced, writers who have a passion for fantasy basketball. I love football and love fantasy football (no matter how many times she may spit on me) so I write whenever I have the chance.

2. Looking for you to contribute at least two article per week, more if you have the time.

3. You would be writing according to a set schedule during the season. During the off season, there is more flexibility in the scheduling.

4. Need someone willing to write on assigned topics from time to time.

Is the position a paid position?

Not initially, but could lead to one if you show your writing chops and meet deadlines on a consistent basis.

Ok, I am interested! What do I do now?

Once you have joined Fake Teams, I need you to write a FanPost, obviously basketball related. Maybe on how the blue blazes Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are all going to share a court. Maybe you’re a Celtics fan like I and just want to chatter about how great Kyrie is going to be under Brad Stevens. Go ahead and write a fan post about it.

Also, shoot me an email at to let me know when you have posted your fan post, and what your Fake Teams name is.

Why do I have to write a FanPost? I have written elsewhere.

Ok, send me examples of your prior work, if it is recent. Recent meaning you wrote it in the last 1-2 months. If not, I would like you to write a FanPost as described above.

I will review every fan post written, and if I like it, I may even promote it to the front page.

I look forward to working with you in the future. Let's do this.

Final thoughts

If you ask anyone in the industry, fantasy or not, they will tell you the same thing - if you want to become a writer, you have to write, write and write some more. Then write more. To differentiate yourself, write about something no one else covers, or very few cover. Or, show your versatility by writing about several sports. But just write.