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Swarming MLB: AI Picks for September 19th


Friday night the Royals finally ended Cleveland’s historic 22-game winning streak with a comeback one-run victory. That loss by the Tribe was also significant for the MLB Swarm. Of the eight highest-confidence games the swarm picked that night, the Cleveland game was the only loss. That’s a great result, because the 7-1 record in those contests shows not only that the swarm can predict game outcomes, but also knows which matchups are more predictable in a set.

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Cleveland is one again the swarm’s pick of the night, even though the club let the swarm down on Friday. The MLB Swarm was confident enough to get right back on the horse this week, although they did mute their $ confidence just a bit. Still, there’s a remarkable level of cohesion in the pick, at a high, 2-runs or more confidence. The swarm ended up considering Boston against Baltimore as another potential pick of the night, but elected to go with Cleveland playing on the west coast this evening.

We mentioned that both Cleveland and Boston are high confidence picks this week, but there’s another heavy confidence pick that involves a team that we haven’t seen much of in the top tier this season. Tonight Milwaukee takes on the Pirates in Pittsburgh, and though it is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” the swarm was undeterred in siding with the red hot Brew Crew. The group made Milwaukee heavy favorites in both hypothetical betting confidence and brainpower.

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