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FanDuel fantasy football buy & sell: Week 2

I’m getting my popcorn ready for a shootout in New Orleans.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper -USA TODAY Sports

Last week I was off in California at my cousin’s wedding—which I officiated (humble brag)—so didn’t have a chance to share with you all my DFS insight for Week 1. But this week I have nothing cool or fun going on today so I’m here to give you players I like and dislike on FanDuel for Sunday action. Every week I’ll have four guys who I’m buying, selling and who I think will be steals based on their price and their matchups.

Now, because it’s always fun to has some form of winning and losing, for one player in each group I give a success line, which is the minimum—or maximum for the “sell” guy—number of points they need to score for me to be happy about my choice. These will be the three guys I feel most confident in heading into the weekend. If it’s confusing, don’t worry, it’ll make more sense when you scroll down and ignore all this preamble.

With all that said, here are names to keep in mind, for good and bad, when you start to create your FanDuel lineups.


QB Tom Brady vs Saints ($9,200): Look, we all saw what Sam Bradford did against the Saints Monday night and nothing against Sam, but he’s no Tom Brady. And not only is he no Tom Brady, he’s no pissed off, furious, just-came-off-a-loss-at-home-to start-the-season Tom Brady.

As a Patriots fan, I LIVE for pissed off Tom Brady games, they’re one of the purest forms of football. Just a man on a singular mission to destroy everything in his path regardless of his body, his friends, his teammate and his coach. I wasn’t going to make Brady my pick this week but just writing this little blurb has gotten me so jacked and pumped up that I’m doing it. PUT ONE OF THOSE LOCKER LOCKS THAT YOU HAD IN HIGHSCHOOL ON BRADY AND LOCK IT UP!
Success line: 25 points

RB Marshawn Lynch vs Jets ($7,200): Right off the bat, Lynch is the 12th most expensive running back for a game in which he’s playing in Oakland for the first time. Come on. You don’t think Lynch has been waiting his entire life to do a crotch grab right into the Black Hole? The Raiders are going to force feed Lynch around the goal-line to get him his first touchdown in the black and silver. To make matters even nicer, the Raiders are playing the Jets. The very same Jets team that gave up 190 yards on the ground last week to the Bills. Lynch was going to be my pick this week but got myself to riled up about Brady.

WR Keenan Allen vs Dolphins ($7,100): It’s clear Philip Rivers loves having Keenan Allen back healthy. Against the Broncos, Rivers targeted Allen 10 times, three more than any other receiver. While we don’t know exactly what the Dolphins’ defense is going to look like since we didn’t see them in Week 1, we do know their secondary is nowhere near as good as the Broncos. I’d fully expect a similar workload for Allen in a much more favorable situation. That could be the recipe for a very, very nice day.

WR Jeremy Maclin vs Browns ($6,300): I was thinking Maclin as a sleeper but I think the definition of a sleeper is someone you add into your lineup last second because you have like $5,000 left and you need a name to put in there. So, Maclin makes the list because he had himself a productive Week 1, leading the Ravens in receiving yards and touchdowns and tying for most targets (4). The Browns just gave up 182 yards to Antonio Brown in Week 1. I’m not saying Maclin is Brown, but he seems to be the number one passing target in Baltimore and that’s good enough for me.


QB Marcus Mariota vs Jaguars ($7,900): Maybe I’m drawing my conclusions too quickly (I certainly am) but Jaguars have themselves a DEFENSE! Mariota is obviously a more polished quarterback than either Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson and the Titans’ offensive line isn’t the dumpster fire that the Texans walk out every game. However, I think this Jaguars team is riding high and are going to come into this game hot and ready to go while the Titans will be working off a Week 1 loss. Could also see Tennessee try to implement the ground game and get back to that oh so exotic smash mouth football we all know and love.

RB Devonta Freeman vs Packers ($8,100): Freeman is the 4th most expensive running back after a week in which the Falcons’ rushing attack looked very, very tame. I don’t want to be spending top dollar for a running game that still seems to be getting the gears going and set to face a defense that was a run stuffing force in Week 1. When this game inevitably becomes a pistol whipping shootout, Matt Ryan is going to be slinging it through the air too often for consistent Freeman usage. I’ll sit out this week.

RB Jacquizz Rodgers vs Bears ($6,600): I could see Rodgers being a popular pick because he’s cheaper than other starting backs and on paper we just all like to assume the bad teams are bad at everything. I do it all the time. Well think again people. The Bears might be in a season long war with the Jets, Colts and 49ers for the first overall pick but their run defense is no joke. They shut down the Falcons’ ground game and I think this will be a reoccurring trend all season. I would stay away from Rodgers despite his low cost.

WR Dez Bryant vs Broncos ($7,600): The “Dez disappears against #1 corners” narrative is alive and well already this year as Janoris Jenkins all but shut Dez down in Week 1. Unfortunately for Mr. Bryant, his season doesn’t get any easier as he and the Cowboys now face the Broncos. Yes, that dastardly “No Fly Zone” that gives quarterbacks and receivers nightmares. So sure am I in the great Magician Dez and his disappearing act that I’m picking him to be my stinker of the week.
Success line: 8 points


RB Tarik Cohen vs Buccaneers ($5,400): We all know by now what Cohen did in Week 1 and the rumors trickling down the injury reports is that Jordan Howard is dealing with a shoulder issue. Regardless if Howard plays or not, you have to think Cohen is in line again for a solid amount of work.

RB Javorius Allen vs Browns ($4,900): I’ve been banging the Buck Allen bell all week. He’s already being used in the Ravens offense more than Terrance West and Allen also offers ability in the passing game, something that could be effective against the Browns.

WR J.J. Nelson vs Colts ($5,300): John Brown is out. The Cardinals are playing the Colts. Nelson is really fast. It’s almost too good to pass up. SO I WON’T PASS UP!
Success line: 10 points

TE Jared Cook vs Jets ($5,100): Cook was third in targets last week (5) and caught every one of them. He seems to be fitting in nicely in Oakland’s offense and I could see him becoming more relied upon. Also did I mention the Jets suck?