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DraftKings GPP Value Picks: Week 2

Arizona and Minnesota provide some key value picks in DFS this week.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

So hopefully you managed well last week. Now we are on to Week 2. Things are coming into focus a little more now. There are a couple names here that were here last week, but we found a few things to look for this week.

Quarterbacks - Top Rank:Tom Brady $7,900

Sam Bradford, Minnesota (at Pittsburgh, $5,500)

Bradford was great last week. Part of this seems to be a change in the philosophy. Minnesota seemed willing to push the ball down the field a little more. If this continues, Bradford could be a great start. Thielen was the leading targeted receiver last week and pulled in 157 yards. That pairing should work wonders.

Carson Palmer, Arizona (at Indianapolis, $6,000)

Carson hurt you with the interceptions last week, but his receiving corps is good and this week he gets the sad Colts defense rather than the Lions. In a dome again, he should be fine. Pair him with Larry Fitzgerald to double the points.

Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams (vs. Washington, $5,100)

Cheaper option. Seems like he will continue to throw the ball. He has a few options now as well. Furthermore, it seems Sean McVay has a knack with making quarterbacks look better and improving offenses. Count on Goff looking more compitent going forward. Risky start, but it has decent value.

Running Backs - Top Rank: David Johnson $10,000 (no joke)

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland (vs. New York Jets, $6,000)

Fully expect the Raiders will not try throwing from the goal line again. Lynch ran well and had space to move. The fresh legs are moving well and he is not going against a great team. Raiders should get up and run out the second half.

Ty Montgomery, Green Bay (at Atlanta, $5,800)

The final numbers might not have been amazing, but the number that matters is 19 carries. Eddie Lacy must have felt a little sad seeing the new guy getting all those carries they never gave him. The Packers were playing the Seahawks last week and Atlanta is not nearly as tough a run defense.

Kerwynn Williams, Arizona (at Indianapolis, $4,800)

This is mostly a volume play. DraftKings is basically giving you the one week where you can get the starter at the backup price. David Johnson is still really expensive even though he is not playing,

Wide Receivers - Top Rank: Antonio Brown $9,400

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City (vs. Philadelphia, $6,200)

Hill took over the number one receiving role and ran with it. Seven catches for 133 yards and a touchdown as well as two rushes. Hill is the sort of player that Andy Reid likes to highlight and he should stay a very valuable player.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona (at Indianapolis, $6,500)

On a bad day around the Cardinals, Fitzgerald led the team in targets and had a touchdown in his hands at one point. Fitzgerald will still be the top guy for targets on this team.

Adam Thielen, Minnesota (at Pittsburgh, $5,000)

Thielen turned ten targets into nine catches and 157 yards. He did not reach the end zone, but he was clearly the top target guy. It seems Minnesota wants to get the passing game more involved and Thielen could be valuable all year.

Corey Davis, Tennessee (at Jacksonville, $4,100)

Davis led the Titans in targets (10). The ball will get spread around, but Davis will be a key part of the offense. As a cheap WR3 or Flex option he could give you good numbers. The matchup will either be against a serious defense or just one lucky enough to beat up a sad Texans offense.