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Good news fantasy owners, Dalvin Cook will continue to be the Vikings’ workhorse

After a fantastic rookie debut, it seems Cook is in for a big, BIG year.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

I watched the Vikings vs. Saints game Monday night with my fiancée and throughout the entire game she kept mentioning how much this game must suck for Adrian Peterson. “Imagine being AP right now. Man, it must suck sitting on the sideline against your old team.”

Monday night most certainly sucked for Peterson. If his sideline spat with head coach Sean Payton didn’t give it away, imagine playing only 9 snaps against the team that you played for for 10 years after they tossed you aside. I’d be pretty frustrated. And to make matters worse, Peterson watched from the opposing sideline as his replacement, rookie Dalvin Cook, broke the new Vikings’ record—set by Peterson—for most rushing yards in a rookie debut.


But it’s not tough if you’re a Vikings fan or you have Cook on your fantasy team. Or if you’re Dalvin Cook. That’s probably the best option of the bunch.

Cook put together a great game Monday night in which he rushed for 127 yards on 22 carries and added to that three catches for 10 yards. And what’s even better for Vikings fans and fantasy owners alike is that this performance likely won’t be far from the norm:

We’ll see how closely Shurmur and the Vikings stick to this but it’s a big vote of confidence in the rookie and the trust the team already has in him. It also means that the threat of Latavius Murray is decreasing by the second (especially after his first touch Monday night resulted in a fumble). I’m still curious to see what exactly the Vikings’ plan will be around the goalline but it’s hard to argue with 25+ touches a game.

As I’ve always said, the best tunity is opportunity and it seems like Cook will have plenty of that moving forward.