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Bold NFL Predictions for Week 2: Wentz do we start?

Carson Wentz is better than you think.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

5 Bold predictions entering into week 2 of the 2017 NFL season. We have one week in the books and its time to decipher what was a one week blip vs. reality for the remainder of the season

(does anyone see that BJ Goodson is number one in tackles through the first week?? I will reiterate, this guy is a beast.)

1. At the end of week 2 the Cincinnati Bengals will have scored a total of 10 points through 2 games. The 2nd fewest any team has scored through 2 weeks in the last 5 years behind the LA Rams last year (9 total points).

Background: Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals – both 0-1 something has to give here. I think the Texans defense is solid, but they were plagued by constant turnovers from their offense (Jacksonville had one touchdown off a fumble recovery and of their 22 remaining points 12 of those were off further turnovers). Cincinnati is looking like they might be 3-13 type of bad. Of course they are in a division Cleveland so maybe they sqweek by a few extra wins. Baltimore’s defense is good but when you score 0 points, that’s an extra kind of bad. IF Cincinnati exceeds 10 points it will be because the Texans continue to turnover the ball.

2. The Jacksonville Jaguars allowed just 7points across 203 yards last week vs. Houston (good enough for least Yards allowed so far in the NFL)

This week against the Tennessee Titans, the Jacksonville Jaguars will allow not only 20+ points but 300+ yards.

Background: It was a favorable matchup against a team that clearly hasn’t figured out who they are and what they do. Don’t get me wrong, Jacksonville will have a top 10 defense but two things are going to happen. The Jags are going to face a hungry Tennessee team who is very talented offensively furious over the loss to Oakland last week 0-1. Marcus Mariota gave it his all but Marshawn Lynch and Derek Carr played unbelievably. Second, the Jaguars defense is going to read the headlines and be feeling pretty high on themselves. I expect Tennessee to make quite a statement in this week, especially on offense.

3. Jesse James, the TE from Pittsburgh who had 2 TD’s in week 1, will not only have 0 TD’s in week 2 he will have fewer than 20 yards in receptions (aka don’t use him).

The Browns defense has a clear gap that Tight Ends (used to be Heath Miller) exposed for years, Jesse fit their plan perfectly but they will utilize Le’Veon Bell much more against Minnesota. I know Minnesota allowed a lot of yardage to opposing Tight End Coby Fleener on Monday night (they gave up the 15th fewest points to Tight Ends last year) but the Steelers are going to use this game to get Bell’s touches going and boost him up a bit.

4. In a bold/ not so bold statement – the Raiders are facing the Jets next week who showed an atrocious rush defense. Marshawn Lynch and Jalen Richard will combine for over 200 yards in Rushing Yards, that’s more than any team did in Week 1.

Background: This Jets team didn’t give up 200 yards in any game last season and only gave up more than 100 yards three times. Clearly this year is different and Sheldon Richardson’s departure doesn’t help at all. Muhammed Wilkerson is decent but I don’t trust Steve McLendon after watching him last week vs. the Bills in the nose tackle position. McLendon is with help but in this 3-4 system, it’s a lot for him to handle, especially with the Raiders O-Line followed by Marshawn, aka beast mode, coming through at full steam.

5. Carson Wentz lands in the top ten in QB passing yards in week 2.

Carson Wentz is going to be good. The Eagles are going to be good. I highlighted this in my season top 10 picks. He is currently 63% owned and he threw for the 5th most yards last week. Kansas City will be a tougher secondary to face but he is showing no signs of a sophomore slump. I also think Kansas City was beyond amped for week 1 and we might see some regression in week 2 from a great defense but one whose abilities are overstated if you just look at week 1.