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Fantasy football rankings: Quarterbacks in Week 2

Who’s up? Who’s down?

After a solid week 1 one of the NFL season, I can only hope that the next few months offer us the same level of excitement. Week 1 taught us that we know a little bit, but really we know nothing. However, I am still confident to give you my updated QB rankings for week 2!

Week 2 QB Rankings

Rank Name Opponent Change
Rank Name Opponent Change
1 Aaron Rodgers at Atlanta ↑ 1
2 Drew Brees vs. New England ↑ 1
3 Tom Brady at New Orleans ↓ 2
4 Matt Ryan vs. Green Bay ↑ 1
5 Cam Newton vs. Buffalo ↑ 2
6 Marcus Mariota at Jacksonville -
7 Derek Carr vs. NY Jets ↑ 4
8 Jameis Winston vs. Chicago -
9 Ben Roethlisberger vs. Minnesota -
10 Kirk Cousins at. LA Rams -
11 Russell Wilson vs. San Francisco ↓ 7
12 Phillip Rivers vs. Miami -
13 Matthew Stafford at NY Giants -
14 Eli Manning vs. Detroit -
15 Dak Prescott at Denver -
16 Carson Palmer at Indianapolis -
17 Alex Smith vs. Philadelphia ↑ 4
18 Carson Wentz at Kansas City -
19 Tyrod Taylor at Carolina -
20 Sam Bradford at Pittsburgh -
21 Andy Dalton vs Houston ↓ 4
22 Jay Cutler at LA Chargers -
23 Joe Flacco vs. Cleveland -
24 Jared Goff vs. Washington -
25 Trevor Siemian vs. Dallas -
26 Deshone Kizer at Baltimore ↑ 1
27 Josh McCown at Oakland ↑ 1
28 Deshaun Watson at Cincinnati
29 Mike Glennon at Tampa Bay ↑ 2
30 Brian Hoyer at Seattle -
31 Blake Bortles vs. Tennessee ↓ 5
32 Scott Tolzien vs. Arizona -

Derek Carr looked good last week against a solid Tennessee defense. His numbers could have been better if not for a few end zone drops by Amari Cooper. I like his matchup a lot this week. Alex Smith definitely has to be up a few spots this week. He completely dominated the 2016 top scoring defense with his new weapon, Kareem Hunt.

Tom Brady fell a couple spots as he started to look his age on a couple throws Thursday night. He is still Tom Brady, so I won’t be taking him out of the top 3 yet! Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense looked horrible against what should be a “swiss cheese” defense in Green Bay. Wilson is the biggest faller of the week.

Good luck to all this week! Stay tuned for updated week 3 rankings.