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Fake Teams wants your help raising money for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Join up with Fake Teams staff to donate to organizations helping with the recovery from Hurricane Harvey. As a bonus, we’ve got something special for you if you make a donation.

Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Whether your sport of choice is football (Texans), baseball (Astros), basketball (Rockets), golf (Shell Houston Open), or something else, it has been impacted in some way by the recent disaster known as Hurricane Harvey. I don’t think I need a flimsy connection to sports to get your attention to this disaster, but this is, after all, a sports-related website, so it seemed like a good intro.

I am here today to ask for your help. As the community that sustains this site, you are already important, but you can help even more. We are encouraging everyone to donate to an organization of their choosing to help with relief efforts in SE Texas. SB Nation published a great list of organizations you can donate to locally and nationally. This is a great place to start, as it has been curated to focus on organizations where your money is likely to make the biggest impact.

As an aside, I would add to that list Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt’s foundation ( He’s raised $8.5 million already in just a few days and the money is directly curated by his family to be sent to Houston and help people directly and immediately with generators, food, water, cleaning supplies, and more.

Since this is technically a fantasy sports site, I thought a great place to start your donation would be to donate an amount equal to your league entry fees across all sports. That’s what I am doing for my two baseball leagues and one football league. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with, but my logic is: if I can spend that money on fantasy league entry fees, I can probably spend it on helping people in need. You could also donate a percentage of your fantasy winnings this year.

I’m not here to guilt you into giving or tell you how much to give. I’m here to bribe you into giving. You see, if you make a donation to an appropriate organization and tweet a screenshot of at least a portion (personal info left out of the screenshot) of the receipt/confirmation to @faketeams, you will be eligible for our big prize.




Now that I’ve got your attention, you are probably wondering what the prize is. Shout-outs and fantasy advice! The @faketeams twitter account will mention you. It will update everyone on the score of your fantasy matchup for one week (it could be week 1 of fantasy football, a week of fantasy basketball, your fantasy baseball championship matchup, etc.). It might look like this:

@faketeams: The Brady Bunch narrowly defeated Clash of the Titans by a score of 111-107 this week. Congrats to @JohnSmith12345 on the victory!

Further, your twitter handle or name or whatever you would like will be in a post featured on the site with all the other donors.

Finally, did I mention special fantasy advice? While you can always tweet @faketeams with fantasy questions or email us, you will be given special access to our advice if you are a donor. We’ll link you up with our fantasy experts for the sport you are looking for advice in and get your answers. Trade advice? Roster management questions? Start/sit queries? Yep, yep, and yep. You will get top priority with your questions.

If you do not wish to receive any attention for your donation, that’s cool as well. We understand and will happily keep you anonymous. We can still provide you with special fantasy advice, we just won’t give you shout outs.

We don’t have a set goal yet, but it would be great if this spread to our sister sites across SB Nation and sports fans from across the country and world could join in! We know there are many fundraising efforts going on right now, so you can ignore this if you have given elsewhere already. We’re all just trying to help people out.

Thanks for reading and supporting this site!