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Yu Darvish traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers

A quick breakdown of the Yu Darvish deal for fantasy.

Yu Darvish has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. What does this mean for his fantasy value?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Time was ticking away moments before the MLB trade deadline.

Then this happened:

Yu Darvish has been traded from the Texas Rangers to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Many speculated this deal was only a matter of time. Those people proved to be right. Now let’s look at the fantasy baseball angle of this trade.

Darvish is the #42 pitcher in fantasy this season. A 6-9 record with a 4.01 ERA and 1.17 WHIP with 148 Ks over 137 innings. Darvish had a dreadful July. He surrendered 24 runs over 30 IP going 0-3 in 5 starts. That’s good for a 7.20 ERA for those keeping track. Prior to that, Darvish had a 3.11 ERA with a 9.7 K/9 in his first 17 starts.

I’m expecting to see the early form of Darvish the rest of this season. I feel trade speculation led to some of Darvish’s poor performance. He was also reported to have been tipping his pitches during his most recent start, which he plans to fix. A career 3.42 ERA and 11 K/9 starter, I will move Darvish up to SP #8. This move to the National League helps his value tremendously. NL only owners feel free to spend any remaining FAAB you have left! Darvish was a top tier starter before this deal and his value only goes up after.