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Mailbag: Does MLB need to make a big change?

You asked! We answered!

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Welcome to this week’s installment of the Faketeams mailbag! Below are a few questions we were sent. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any conundrums going forward. You can do this multiple ways:

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Should the MLB consider having the National League adopt the designated hitter? - Brady WI

Pulling out the big guns with the first question! I am going to be honest guys - this question was asked by my 9 year old son. While watching the Brewers/Reds game this week and seeing Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Chase Anderson leave the game early due to getting injured swinging the bat, he made the honest observation, “Why did they have him hit? He is in there to pitch!” Now, obviously I could sit and explain to a 4th grader about the details between AL and NL, but he would have tuned me out in about 10 seconds. Instead, I decided to question it myself. MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, has sparked some debate to this and we could see a change in the near future. A lot of baseball fans, players, coaches, and owners want to keep “real” baseball with no DH. However, the National League of the MLB is the ONLY place where pitchers bat. The DH has been adopted everywhere. The AL has won interleague play every year since 2003. I would argue that a big reason why is because of the DH. When the NL team visits an AL park their DH is usually a fourth outfielder or a utility infield bat. The AL DH is a guy that hits as a DH for a living. This creates a huge advantage for the AL team - much larger than when the AL pitchers have to bat in NL parks. Not every NL pitcher is Madison Bumgarner. Interleague play isn’t just a regular season event either. That darn World Series also seems to happen every year. The DH is in play when the NL team visits the AL team. I think instituting the DH would not only help level the playing field, but it would also keep the NL from having pitchers get injured doing something that isn’t necessary.

I am a Brandon Drury owner in a deep league. I keep hearing about a humidor in Arizona, but nothing has happened. Drury is great at home. Is there an update on the humidor? - Xtreme NY

This was a bit of an awkward situation all season. Arizona is not nearly the same as Coors field, but the low humidity at both venues creates a hitter friendly environment. There was a recent development that allows me to finally answer this question! Arizona WILL NOT be using a humidor until next season. The concern for Brandon Drury is easy to see. His home/road splits are eye-popping. .917 OPS at home and .644 road OPS for his career. This is good news for all Arizona Diamondbacks players and fantasy owners.

Which NFL teams that missed the playoffs last year have the best chance in 2017-18? - Zach CA

The NFL looks to be extremely top heavy again this year with perennial favorites seemingly having easy roads (New England, Green Bay, Seattle to name a few). As for postseason changes this year I do see a couple. In the AFC I don’t see Miami sneaking in this year as the 6th seed. I think the Bills have improved enough that they won’t beat Buffalo twice for that extra win they will need. I think the Titans will end up winning the AFC South and I think the Ravens will get the 2nd wildcard seed over Miami this year. In the NFC I see two changes as well. Both come in the form of wildcard teams - sorry Detroit. I think the New York Giants will win the East which keeps Dallas in the playoffs, but as a wildcard. I also think that Tampa Bay finally gets over the hump this year and gets back into the postseason. This will leave a banged up Detroit team on the outside looking in for 2017.

Make sure to watch for next week’s mailbag and send in your questions!