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MLB Swarm AI Hits 3rd Consecutive Parlay for 20x Return

AI Guidance Hits Six Team Parlay for Third Week in A Row 



It was just two days ago on this blog that we said, “past performance does not guarantee future results when describing the MLB Swarm AI’s most recently incredible six team parlay. That bet, inspired by the swarm’s July 14th guidance, produced a 2,660% Return on Investment just one week after the July 7th swarm produced a 900% ROI on a five team parlay. Naturally, all good things must come to an end….but not just yet. For the third consecutive week, the MLB Swarm AI has hit a massive parlay.

Using the same strategy that the earlier successful parlays have relied on, one enlightened member of the MLB Swarm put a $10 bet down on a six team parlay that included the 3 Best Bets and the 3 Highest Brainpower picks from the “Proceed with Caution” section of the swarm’s guidance. That meant taking the Washington Nationals, Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates, and skipping over the Cleveland Indians at 82% Brainpower.

As you can see, the $10 wager turned into $215.61! This is not only another handsome payday for this lucky member of the swarm who claims to have “5x’d his Bovada account” in the last week, it’s another demonstration of the Swarm AI’s ability not only to pick winners, but also to deliver insightful guidance.

If you’d like to have the MLB Swarm AI’s picks sent to you twice a week, let us know!

And here is a look at the winning ticket. Everybody high-five everybody: