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Mailbag: Which player in the first round of fantasy drafts has the highest potential to bust?

You asked! We answered!

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Faketeams’ mailbag! As always please send your questions in the following ways:

Which player in the first round of fantasy drafts has the highest potential to bust? - Austin, ME

If the NFL and Dallas Cowboys were curious to see how Ezekiel Elliott handles stress, I think they would find themselves disappointed this morning. Reports have said that the NFL may be looking into a possible suspension for Zeke. This suspension has been cited, from an unnamed source, that it would viewed by the “accumulative nature of his behavior”. Adding a bar incident at Clutch Bar in Dallas over the weekend definitely is not a positive spin for Elliott as we move closer to the season. Few details of the incident have been revealed, but a potential suspension of anywhere from 1-6 games could be on the horizon for Zeke. If Elliott misses 4 games, for example, just for the suspension your fantasy team would be missing a big contribution for nearly one-third of your regular season. That is a big pill to swallow. As of today I think you should still draft Ezekiel Elliott where you see fit, but if your draft isn’t until August this is something you definitely will want to keep an eye on.

Which 3 of these 5 should start this week: M Kemp, D Fowler, J Bradley, C Santana, M Carpenter? - Tim @whorleyt

I think that no matter if this league is head to head, roto, points, or categories you can start the same three. I would be starting Kemp, Bradley, and Carpenter. Santana has really been struggling. If it is a points league you could argue to play him on the basis of walks, however. Carpenter and Bradley have really turned it around lately and Kemp can carry your team if he gets hot.

Which MLB player will be the next big name to get traded? - Ed, TN

I’m not sure there will be any ‘big name’ players on the move. However, I think the biggest name will be one that has already been circling around for the past week and that is Sonny Gray. Gray has a history of success and also has been pitching very well lately (1.33 ERA in his last 4 starts - including a scoreless outing against CLE last time out). I think Oakland will want to move Gray while he is pitching well and is healthy - as he does have an injury history. With years of contract control beyond 2017, teams won’t be getting just a half season rental. This offers many young teams with a bright future a chance to get in on Gray for help now and in years to come. I think you will see a lot of teams in on him including Milwaukee, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston, and the New York Yankees.