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Fantasy Reaction: Paul George traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder

Looking at the fantasy fallout of the latest round of NBA offseason madness.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

So yeah, things happened. In the NBA, things are always happening. I’ve been binge watching Twitter like it’s Netflix the last few days.

Here are quick thoughts on a lot of stuff. I assume more stuff is coming. STUFF.

  1. Paul George and Russell Westbrook. PG and the Brodie. For the sake of league pass and late night Western Conference clashes that most people fall asleep during, how could you not love this? In terms of fantasy, I’ve got some interesting theories here. Westbrook’s production across the major statistical categories (points, rebounds, assists) is sure to drop, given he won’t carry as great a load (you know, it’s hard to average a triple-double). That being said, his efficiency should increase – less shots should be forced and PG should create more open looks – and the turnovers (which were brutal for Westbrook owners) definitely should decline. The overall value is probably a bit diminished. One might anticipate similar developments with George, but I actually see it differently. Paul appeared to be sleep walking at times during the 2016-17 regular season. He certainly turned things up as the playoffs drew closer and that All-NBA bonus started to slip away. If this offseason has taught us anything, it’s that George wasn’t committed to playing in Indiana. He just wasn’t about it. Thus, I expect a rejuvenated PG in OKC. A PG hungry for greatness. A PG who averages the most points of his career and is a fantasy beast. Maybe that’s me being optimistic, but I do know this: No one sleep walks around Russell Westbrook.
  2. Yes, the trade wasn’t great for the Pacers. The underwhelming return for their superstar even prompted the OKC police force to report a theft on social media. That’s MVP type shade. But for Victor Oladipo fantasy owners, this was a gift. The former Hoosier is back in Indiana and likely has a chip on his shoulder (it doesn’t feel good to hear: the Pacers got NOTHING for Paul George over and over again. Imagine being called NOTHING. In all caps too.). No Paul. No Teague. This is Vic’s city and now Vic’s team. Fantasy production should SPIKE. I’m excited for it.
  3. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Blake Griffin is about to EAT in Los Angeles. The dude was happy with a side of fries the last few years, but he’s about to get the hamburger and the milkshake as well. Five-years, $173 million. The Clips are clearly committed to the versatile big man. More offense will run through him, which means more buckets, more lobs to DeAndre, more life, more everything. My only concern is health. Blake could miss a chunk of next season as he continues to rehab a foot injury. If you’re patient, I see a HUGE return.
  4. I’m in on Jeff Teague to the Wolves. The major reasons: three-point shooting, assists, and efficiency. Teague spaces the floor better than Ricky Rubio, and given how much attention will have to be paid to Towns, Butler, and Wiggins, the point guard should receive plenty of open looks. Time to cash in. The 1.1 threes he hit per game in 2016-17 will likely increase. Also, I can see Teague/Towns pick-and-rolls being an effective component of the Minnesota offense. Jeff averaged 7.8 assists last season (the most of his career) and I don’t expect that to waver much. Lastly, Teague won’t be pressured to produce offense (as he sometimes was in Indiana) with so many other go-to weapons around him. That usually translates to better efficiency.
  5. I thought the Celtics were getting Paul George and Blake Griffin?
  6. Too soon?
  7. My bad
  8. Report: Shout out to Woj