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On the right team, Eric Decker still has fantasy relevance

The question is, who is that right team?

NFL: New York Jets-OTA Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

If you look at my desktop, you’ll see it’s covered in stickies. Not real stickies mind you, just the computer version. I use them to jot down notes, thoughts and random article ideas I have throughout the day so when I’m bored or need to write something, I have a bunch of ideas to pick from. I’m giving you all this backstory because yesterday morning, I wrote this down in my stickie notes: “GET DECKER OUT OF NY”.

I wrote about Eric Decker back in May and he’s kinda an under-the-radar fantasy option after an injury shortened 2016. With the Jets clearly in tank mode and with no real quarterback, I was about to write 300 words on how and why we as a fantasy football collective needed to get Decker out of New York.

Welp, I guess my stickie-notes are magic because not six hours later, this news came out:

I’m currently waiting on my “GIVE ME A MILLION BUCKS” stickie to pay out.

Regardless of what New York ultimately does with Decker, this is the best move for everyone involved. Well, maybe not the Jets. Unless their goal is to provide Christian Hackenberg with zero weapons. Then they are killing it.

We all know how productive Decker has been in the past but you might be surprised at how consistent he’s been. He’s been in the league for seven years and of those seven years, in only two did he play less than 15 games (2010, his rookie year, and last year). Only once in those five years was he not a top 30 fantasy wide receiver and was a top 10 receiver three of those years, including 2015. With even a halfway decent quarterback, Decker has proven himself to be able to rack up the fantasy points and bring home the bacon.

The natural question now is which teams make for a good landing spot?

Baltimore Ravens

Yesterday I wrote a piece on which teams have the most fantasy talent and which have the least. It should come as zero surprise to anyone that Baltimore ranked very near the top in least fantasy talent. Their big offensive acquisition was to add Danny Woodhead this offseason. And lose Steve Smith to retirement. Welp, Decker would certainly proved veteran leadership but more importantly, someone for Joe Flacco to throw the ball to. That always is nice to have.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs make sense because they just did what the Jets did, cutting Jeremy Maclin. They now have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce and... and... that’s about it. Decker would bring a big body to the Chiefs which would certainly help them in the red zone. I know people are excited at the possibility of Hill as a number one receiver but I don’t think he’s going to thrive if he’s the only weapon on the field. Adding Decker at the very least puts another body out there that defenses have to be worried about.

Dallas Cowboys

Now this pairing I like a lot. A lot a lot. Dez Bryant is a beast but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy over the past two seasons and it’s apparent that Dak Prescott and Terrance Williams don’t have the best connection. Decker gives the Cowboys another outside receiver who can play bully ball or go deep. Also in terms of fantasy fits, Decker lands with a legit top 10 quarterback in this scenario. Yes please!

It’s still up in the air where Decker will make his living this year but wherever that is—unless it’s like Chicago—he has a good chance at giving you good fantasy production. I’ll be keeping eyes on him when it comes to draft time.

Where would you like to see Decker end up?