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Swarming MLB: UNU’s Picks for June 6th


As we enter the month of June, some truths about the 2017 baseball season have begun to coalesce. For instance, we can say with a lot of certitude that the Houston Astros are a very, very good ballclub. We know that the Rockies are going to harass the Dodgers all season in the National League West, and that the Yankees are the class of the American League East. We also know that teams like the White Sox, Phillies, Padres, and Royals will be in “sell” mode through the trading deadline.

Each week Unanimous A. I. brings a swarm of MLB fans together to predict the outcomes of games. The regular UNU Baseball Swarm has had a pretty good run over recent sessions. Even last week when the swarm went .500, its most confident picks all came in as winners. For the research team at Unanimous, the swarm exhibiting that degree of self-knowledge and awareness is almost as exciting as days when the swarm hits double-digit wins.

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Although the swarm called the Astros their pick of the day for their game against the scuffling Royals, that game actually didn’t have the strongest confidence reaction from the swarm participants. That honor goes to the Tampa Bay Rays, who host the White Sox tonight. While we can never be sure exactly what motivates the choices a swarm makes, this prediction appears to be partially based on the starting pitchers tonight. Although the Astros are riding an 11-game winning streak, tonight they start an untested rookie pitcher. The swarm responded slightly more favorably to prospects of Chris Archer and the Rays hosting the White Sox and struggling trade-bait pitcher Jose Quintana.

Every week during the MLB season, Unanimous A.I. will be conducting swarms to pick the outcomes of games. If you’d like to either join a swarm or just get the predictions weekly, feel free to drop by