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Swarming MLB: AI Picks for June 30th


The July 4th holiday is one of the big ones for Major League Baseball. Tradition holds that teams in first place on Independence Day stay in first place the rest of the season. That doesn’t always hold true, but the holiday typically forms a marker between the first and second halves of the season. With contending teams having just a month to make trades to shore up deficiencies for the pennant races in September, games this time of year take on added importance.

Tonight’s slate of Major League Baseball games might be one of the best single nights of games we’ve seen this year so far. There are some incredible pitching matchups (Santana vs Vargas), some terrific intra-divisional rivalries (Colorado at Arizona, the Mets and Phils, Cleveland and Detroit, to name a few) and even a couple of possible playoff previews (the Yankees playing down in Houston looks like a fascinating game.) Unanimous A. I. invites you to fire up the barbecue grill, grab the beverage of your choice, and enjoy tonight’s action while the swarm tells you which teams are going to win.

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As mentioned above, we’re very intrigued by the game in Kansas City tonight that pits Jason Vargas of the Royals against Ervin Santana of the Twins. Both pitchers have had rather middling careers prior to 2017, but now both are contending for the American League Cy Young Award. This is an especially challenging pick for the swarm, because it also is our first matchup in MLB action to pit two pitchers with double-digit win totals against one another. The UNU Swarm gives the nod to the Royals, playing at home, but this looks like a close game.

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