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Mailbag: What is the value of Lance McCullers?

You asked! We answered!

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Welcome to another installment of Faketeams’ mailbag. As always, please feel free to ask your own questions! Here are the ways to join -

I'm trying to get a better feel for McCuller's value. Is trading Stanton for him too much? I'm in a keeper league in first place this year. McCuller's looks like he could be an ace. He certainly is pitching that way. Is Stanton's relative value diminished by the prevalence of HR's in the league? - Ryker, WA

Great question Ryker! These two are owned in nearly ever format. I really like Lance McCullers, Jr. this year and moving forward. He has shown plenty of ability to generate swings and misses. His knuckle curve is very entertaining to watch and he induces a ton of groundballs in a ball park that is relatively average for ‘hitter friendliness’. Giancarlo Stanton is one of the most dangerous hitters in the league and a force in the middle of an improving Marlins’ lineup. In a year where most outfielders have been somewhat interchangeable due to the fly ball revolution, I still feel like Stanton is a top 10 outfielder. He is driving in runs and currently on pace for nearly 100 runs as well. As for your question, I don’t think the rest of the pack has caught up to Stanton yet. He is only the 11th player all-time to have 20+ homeruns in his first 8 seasons and he is still going strong. I think that Stanton for McCullers is a pretty fair deal for both sides depending on the league and also on team need for obvious reasons. If you have wiggle room at outfield to deal Stanton and need pitching depth, then go ahead and move forward with this trade!

Who are some lesser known (outside top 100) minor league players that may get the call soon? - Grant, MA

This is a tough question to answer for a couple reasons. Most hype surrounds top 100 prospects, which is why rankings exist. (Faketeams will be pushing out a midseason prospect list soon!). This may have to be a question that I touch on a every week or two just to keep it updated based on performance. Everyone knows to stash Yoan Moncada, Austin Meadows, and Amed Rosario right now. However, guys like Grant want to know who they can pick up that is actually available to stash. I will list a few guys without hype I like as deep stash prospects that I am keeping an eye on. This list will probably change often, so stay tuned!

Renato Nunez OAK

Oswaldo Arcia ARI

Austin Hays BAL

Tyler Mahle CIN

Make sure to send in your questions and watch for next week’s Mailbag!