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Friday Fun: What’s the best punishment a league you’ve played in has dulled out?

Had to go out in public in just your underwear? Had to spend a night in a Walmart?

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday and while that means the weekend is just around the corner, it also means that most everyone’s afternoon is spent staring at the clock just waiting for work to get out. So, I decided to help distract you from the monotonous tick tick of the clock and from that mound of work on your desk. You’re welcome!

Last week I asked for your worst draft picks and while I thought taking Todd Gurley and holding onto him all season wouldn’t be topped, this guy was able to outshine me. Congrats!

Have recently decided to rewatch The League—because I miss fantasy football that much—I figured “best punishment” would be a natural question to ask considering that show put “The Sacko” into the colloquial dialect.

Now, sadly I can’t say I have an amazing story for this question. Our league likes to boast that we have really elaborate punishments but it’s often impossible to enforce them, which isn’t great. We do have a rule that if one person comes in last place three years in a row, the league will pay for a butt tattoo of our choice. It almost happened this year, but sadly the two-time loser managed to sneak out a victory just at the last second to save his butt cheeks from being branded.

Again, like I warned you, not the best story. Maybe I’ll take some inspiration from your stories and use them this year and make sure the loser of this year’s season pays up.

What’s been the best punishment your league has ever given? Leave the punishment in the comments or—if you want to tell us more and paint a verbal picture for us—write a FanPost and we’ll make sure to share it!

Hopefully this will be able to distract you for the final moments of the week.

Happy weekends!