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Daily Fantasy MLB picks for Tuesday, June 20

Going with the Escobar connection today

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Full docket of games today (15) scattered from 7:05pm -10:10pm The highest of the pitchers is Chris Sale ($11,700) who will face the Kansas City Royals (who have won 8 of their last 9).

Weather (as of now):
San Francisco @ Atlanta might see some rain, otherwise clear skies as of now.

Target: Michael Pineda ($8,900) New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels

1. His 5 worst starts are all on the road (he's at home today)
2. He has not allowed more than 3ER at home.
3. LA has scored 3 runs or fewer in 3 of their last 4 starts.

Stack Against: Chris Tillman -€” Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Indians

1. He has allowed 6HR across 119 AB for the Indians players (or one HR every 22AB).
2. Cleveland has 6 consecutive wins scoring 52 runs (average of 9 runs per game)
3. Tillman has a 8.07 ERA.

Two Hitters I like:

  • JT Realmuto ($3,000). Batting .300 over 10AB against Gio Gonzalez, JT also has 2 HR over the last 14 days with 5runs and 6 RBI's. All of this as the 11th most expensive catcher.

  • Edwin Encarnacion ($4,000) it's a little pricey but he's been raking AND has a .304 with 3 HR across 46AB against Chris Tillman. That's 1 HR every 15AB. Edwin has 4 HR over his last 5 games.

Two Hitters I'd avoid:

  • Carlos Correa ($4,200) expensive cost for someone who is batting 1/12 against Sonny Gray.

  • Jake Lamb ($4,700) -€” yes he's at Coors, all he needs is one solid connection BUT he's 1/7 against German Marquez, for now German is winning this battle and that's a hefty price for a not-so-favorable matchup. If he was $4,000 flat, I'd be all for it.

Sample Lineup
JT Realmuto (C )
Edwin Encarnacion (1B)
Jason Kipnis (2B)
Eduardo Escobar (SS)
Yunel Escobar (3B)
Denard Span (OF)
Mitch Haniger (OF)
Adam Jones (OF)