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Mailbag: What is Eric Thames’ value rest of the season?

You asked - We answered!

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Welcome to Faketeams’ second mailbag article! As always, please continue to send your questions in! You can do this a few different ways:

What is Eric Thames’ value rest of season?

- Erik, WI

Eric Thames was an amazing story in April. He was playing out of his mind and absolutely killing the Cincinnati Reds. Unfortunately for Thames, the MLB schedule started to take it’s toll on Thames and the Brewers don’t play the Reds every weekend. He has cooled off lately, but has still offered up some excellent highlights for the first place Brewers. Looking at the rest of the season I think he will continue this pace as long as he can stay healthy. Currently Thames sits at .269/.402/.616 with 20 HR and 38 RBI playing 63 of a possible 70 games. The RBI are actually a lot lower than I would have guessed. His BABIP of .295 also shows that he has been a little bit unlucky. With about 90 games remaining for Milwaukee, we will be conservative and chalk Thames up for another 63 games. Rest of season estimate = .275/.399/.601 with 17 HR and 52 RBI. This would put his final line at 37 HR and 90 RBI.

As A Brewers Fan, what are your thoughts on their early draft selections?

- Derek, MN

I am torn on this one. They didn’t select the players I would have which is maybe why I don’t work in their front office. With the #9 pick the Brewers selected UCI 2B Keston Hiura. I think this shows that the Brewers are not committed to Villar as a second baseman of the future given his struggles this year. I also think this pick showed that the brass is sticking to the rebuild if they can draft a guy at this slot that potentially needs Tommy John surgery which typically carries a full season of recovery for many players. With Milwaukee’s competitive balance pick at #34 overall they selected a prep power bat in 1B Tristan Lutz. They do need a future first baseman, however, I feel they should have used one of their selections on pitching. You can never have too much pitching! We will see what the future holds for David Stearns and Milwaukee.

What are your thoughts on the potential Celtics/76ers draft trade?

- Jack, PA

It sounds as if this trade is now all but done! The Philadelphia 76ers will be jumping up to the #1 pick in this week’s NBA Draft and taking University of Washington Guard Markelle Fultz. Philly gets a potential face of the franchise and Boston drops to the 3rd pick in this draft and adds either a 2018 Lakers 1st round pick or 2019 1st round Kings pick depending on how next year’s lottery falls. Although the Celtics lose the chance at Fultz, they side step the potential Fultz vs. Thomas backcourt problem and they also will now add a player with the third pick that is a better fit to their regular season conference champion roster. My guess here is the pick will be Josh Jackson. I think this is an excellent trade for both teams and only time will tell who actually won the trade. Stay tuned on this one!

Please continue to send your questions in! Look for the mailbag article next Monday.