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The Novice Approach: Cody Bellinger is going to star in the next Fantastic Four

Round 2 of seeing if I can win money without knowing much about baseball.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The novice is back and this time in a bigger pool with bigger fish to fry. Yes I didn’t win anything in my last attempt to win something, but with the sound advice of Heath Capps hovering over me, I’ve decided to enter this week’s lineup into the MLB Bunt challenge which could pay out decently if I somehow magically make it into the top 2,000 of people. It’s a big if, but it’s one I’m willing to take.

For those who don’t know what this column is, it’s basically me and my limited knowledge of baseball putting together a FanDuel lineup based on just random thoughts I have and names that I recognize and see how I do. It’s for fun.

Here’s the lineup I’m going to war with:

My illogical logic:

  • Decided to start big and go all in on pitching. I went to college out in Minnesota so the Twins have a kinda special place in my heart so of the top guys I went with Ervin Santana. Corey Kluber cost too much and as a Boston fan through and through, I can’t have a Yankee on my lineup. Though maybe I can have Aaron Judge. That guy just seems awesome.
  • Paul Goldschmidt has been tearing it up recently (or at least that what my mind tells me) so I decided to also go big with him and obviously had to get some Mookie Betts on the team.
  • Cody Bellinger has been the literal physical embodiment of the fire emoji so I’m ok shelling out $3.8k for him to keep the fire alive on my roster. If he stays this hot, he’ll soon replace Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan as a much better Human Torch.
  • Rounded out my OF with Andrew McCutchen because he’s been steadily improving, though I’ve loved him just a little less ever since he decided to cut his hair.
  • All these moves left me with $9,600 remaining so I quickly spent another $3.5k of that on Justin Turner. I love his beard.
  • Had to go digging to fill out the rest of the roster but my hope is that the top guys carry me. Let’s hope either Javier Báez, Deven Marrero or Cameron Rupp just have MONSTER games for me. Fingers crossed.

Give me your thoughts on the lineup and if you think Cody Bellinger should star in the eventual reboot of Fantastic Four that gets made every ten years. Let’s hope beginner's luck is still with me and maybe I can sneak my way into the top 2,000 this time.

Till next time.