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The League of Fake Teams Week 5

How is the league shaping up? Who’s mock draft looks best so far?

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The league of Fake Teams got off to a slow start with our late mock draft. Our match-ups got started in Week 5. Here is a snap shot of our first week in our standard Fake Teams league. If you would like to be a part of next year’s league, please let us know!

Week 5 Standings

Interesting Tidbits - Each Matchup

JB vs. Peter

- Saves were 1-0

- Peter missed Bryce Harper this week.

- Billy Hamilton carried JB

- JB rosters five Milwaukee Brewers – including 3 hitters. Nice hitters’ park.

- Peter can find solace in the fact that his team hit a league leading .310 for the week.

Asaw vs Eddy

- Three of Asaw’s category wins were in pitching. His hitting struggled in part due to Rizzo’s .103 BA for the week.

- Eddy rode the coat tails of Ryan Zimmerman this week – pairing it up with a hot week from Joey Votto.

- Relievers were dominant in this matchup. Jansen and Ramos vs. Melancon and Kimbrel. The lack of the save stat was what hurt Asaw from pulling a 5-5 tie.

Bradenton (Mark) vs. Baker’s Dozen

- Baker’s Dozen compiled a .183 BA. Thanks to Brad Miller’s stolen bases, he was able to “steal” one hitting category.

- Clayton Kershaw just was not enough to carry Baker’s as Gerrit Cole was able to match all week for Mark.

- Baker’s Dozen was also done in by Matt Harvey’s rough start combined with a weekend suspension after a suspicious golfing migraine that forced him to not attend Saturday night’s game.

Rob vs Saucy

- Our closest matchup this week as the teams played to a 5-5 tie, which seems to be the right score. Runs, HRs, and W categories were each separated by one point.

- Rob got some stellar pitching from CarMar as well as The Shark. Lance McCullers also turned in a fine week for Rob.

- Saucy won the batting battle, however, with excellent showings from Cody Bellinger and Josh Harrison.

MIK vs Mat

- Another exciting matchup in our first week. This ended in a 5-4-1 win for MIK. One more day and the score could have been extremely different.

- MIK won with a top OF option, Charlie Blackmon, an aging veteran, Brian McCann, and a steady sophomore, Adam Duvall.

- Chris Sale’s 21 Ks were enough to help Mat edge out the category. Not getting a second start out of Paxton may have hurt Mat’s chances of pulling a win as Paxton hit the DL mid-week.

Travis vs Ghost Show

- Ghost Show lived up to his name as his team was mostly invisible against Travis. Jackie Bradley Jr.’s .071 BA with no counting stats definitely hurt his chances of success.

- Travis lit up some offensive categories behind Goldschmidt, Segura, and Springer.

- Ghost Show’s injury-plagued pitchers did not do much for him, whereas Travis spun a gem with Trevor Cahill.

G vs Punk

- The single matchup between two staff writers was hard fought and competitive. Manny Machado, along with Matt Carpenter and Zack Cozart, carried G offensively during an intense matchup with the Boston Red Sox that offered daily highlights.

- Punk got an amazing week out of Aaron Judge that even saw the big man triple on Sunday night. Judge, Altuve, and Hosmer single-handedly kept Punk competitive.

- Punk’s pitching let him down. Rough outings from Teheran, Hahn, and Kennedy really hurt the team. It allowed G enough cushion to not lose the lead on K-Rod’s Sunday blow-up that has Detroit discussing their closer situation today.

Week 6 looks like it will be just as fun as week 5. Stay tuned for league updates. If you would like to be a part of our site league next season, please let us know. If you have any fantasy league related questions, (whom are we picking up? Minor leaguers? DL stashes?) - ask away!

Week 6 Matchups

Good luck all!