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Podcast: 5/26 DFS Slate, Conforto’s Sombrero

Friday Fantasy Baseball talk brings you a look at FanDuel’s 5/26 pricing, and a general dive into Berrios, Conforto, Lamb, and Price

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Today’s pod covers the Friday 5/26 DFS slate on FanDuel (0:00-18:00) then transitions into general fantasy talk covering Berrios’ curveball, Confroto’s Ks, Lamb’s pop, Price’s health, and much more (18:01-34:00).

Just a reminder in case you’re new to the Two Strike Approach.

Our three commandments of our “Fake Teams Friday” podcasts...

  1. Early posting every Friday morning to position ourselves for everybody’s commute or lunch break.
  2. Short (30min), easy listening episodes stuffed with content. A little bit of info said well is immensely more valuable than a lot of info said poorly!
  3. Split 50/50 - First half will cover that Friday’s DFS slate on FanDuel (applicable to the DFS Wars Pool being run by Heath Capps - see below). Second half will bring you news and fantasy baseball musings as we head into the weekend.

Big thanks again to Peter Rogers for allowing me to post this up here each and every week. Another big thanks to Heath Capps for running the site to track the progress of the 20 fantasy experts in our Friday FanDuel DFS league.