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Daily Fantasy MLB picks for Wednesday, May 24

Matt Garza's strong 2017 continues for one more start

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Full docket of games today (15) scattered from 12:35pm -10:10pm. The highest of the pitchers is Chris Sale ($11,800) who will be going up against the red hot Texas Rangers.

Solid lineup yesterday, let's see if I get humbled today. Michael Conforto, Kurt Suzuki and Joey Gallo came in strong yesterday but I'm not as confident on any of them today.

Weather (as of now):
Some scattered clouds but it looks like we might get off each game today.

Target: Matt Garza ($8,300) Milwaukee Brewers vs. Toronto Blue Jays
1. He is having a great season with a 2.43 ERA, 22 K's and a 2-0 record. All of this and he's the 11tth most expensive pitcher at a full $3,500 cheaper than Chris Sale.
2. He's on 7 days of rest after pitching against San Diego. This might actually be bad, he allowed 3+ ER on 7 days rest last year. I'm hoping it's different this year given how deep he's pitching into games.
3. He has pitched at least 6 innings in 4 of his 5 starts.

I'm nervous about two factors -€” Toronto has had some hot bats lately and Matt, while good in day games this year, was not great last year during the day.

Stack Against: Chris Tillman ($8,300 ) Baltimore Orioles vs. Minnesota Twins
1. He just had a long outing after returning from the DL (previous two starts he got an extra day of rest too), I wouldn't be surprised if he's a bit fatigued or his command isn't perfect.
2. The Minnesota Twins have 6 players who are batting over .300 against Tillman including their catcher Jason Castro.
3. He has yet to give up a HR this season and I feel like this is the game where we see one.

Three Hitters I like:

  • Travis Shaw ($4,000) yes he's expensive but he has 7 runs and 9 RBI's over his last 42AB (batting .333) and he has a good track record against Marcus Stroman with a .357 batting average over 14AB.
  • Josh Bell ($2,800) he has 9 runs and 11 RBI's batting .275 over his last 40 AB and he has 1 hit for an RBI over 2AB against Julio Teheran.
  • Jean Segura ($3,600) yes it's pricey but not only is he batting .278 with 5 runs and 7 RBI's over his last 54 AB but he is also .455 with 1HR over 11 AB against Tanner Roark.

Hitters I'd avoid:

  • Curtis Granderson ($2,800) has yet to get a hit against Jarred Cosart across 17AB.
  • Joey Gallo ($2,200) is 0 for 6 against Chris Sale.
  • Matt Holliday ($3,200) he has struggled against Hammel over the years. In addition, he has gone 4 games without a run or RBI, he's likely due to get one soon but I think he goes cold for one more game.

Sample Lineup
Jason Castro (C )
Josh Bell (1B)
Ian Happ (2B)
Jean Segura (SS)
Travis Shaw (3B)
Hunter Renfroe
Mike Trout (OF)
Nomar Mazara (OF)