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Trevor Bauer, Tyler Chatwood and more streaming options for Wednesday, 5/24/17

Look for Tyler Chatwood to produce some soft contact against the Phillies on Wednesday.

Colorado Rockies v Minnesota Twins - Game Two Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images


Tyler Chatwood @ Philadelphia Phillies (7.1% Owned)

2017: 53.0 IP, 5.09 ERA, 5.22 FIP, 6.96 K/9, 4.58 BB/9, 1.53 HR/9, .247 AVG
Career vs. Active Phillies: .273/.385/.273, 0 HR, 51 PA
Career @ Citizens Bank Park: .231/.375/.359, 1 HR, 48 PA

Chatwood has had a rough season so far this year as his ERA has climbed all the way up to 5.09. If you look past that high ERA he actually has some impressive stats. For example, batters are making soft contact on batted balls against him 20.9% of the time. Chatwood will be going up against a Phillies team on Wednesday that has not hit particularly well against right-handers this season. Their .723 OPS against right-handers is ranked as the 8th worst in the majors this year, which is due to the fact that they have only managed to hit 29 home runs against right-handers this season. Look for Chatwood to produce a good amount of soft contact against a team that does not feature a whole lot of power bats.

Trevor Bauer vs. Cincinnati Reds (21.3% Owned)

2017: 44.2 IP, 6.65 ERA, 4.64 FIP, 10.68 K/9, 3.22 BB/9, 2.01 HR/9, .277 AVG
Career vs. Active Reds: .250/.333/.500, 1 HR, 18 PA
Career @ Progressive Field: .253/.331/.422, 43 HR, 1359 PA

Trevor Bauer is another player who has had a rough 2017 campaign. While his 4.64 FIP is not good, it is better than the 6.65 ERA he has posted this season. Bauer will face a Reds team that has featured some breakout bats this season like Eugenio Suarez and Scott Schebler. The Reds do hold the 7th best OPS against right-handers in the majors this year, but this is mostly do to the surprise hot starts from the players listed above. I expect the Reds’ bats to start cooling down soon, and an experienced pitcher like Bauer should have no trouble finding the holes in the young Reds team swings.

Chris Tillman vs. Minnesota Twins (37.4% Owned)

2017: 15.1 IP, 3.52 ERA, 3.03 FIP, 7.04 K/9, 4.11 BB/9, 0.00 HR/9, .262 AVG
Career vs. Active Twins: .259/.362/.397, 1 HR, 68 PA
Career @ Camden Yards: .244/.315/.404, 67 HR, 2252 PA

Tillman has been very good since coming off the DL a couple weeks ago. This is quite a risky pick due to the .787 OPS the Twins have against right-handers this season, which ranks 6th in the majors so far this year. The reason I picked Tillman against the Twins on Wednesday is due to the fact that the Twins have a lot of hitters who accumulate a high number of strikeouts. This game can either turn out with Tillman tallying a high number of strikeouts as he gets the W, or Tillman could struggle early as the Twins power bats prove to be too much for the Orioles veteran pitcher.


Daniel Norris @ Houston Astros (7.9% Owned)

2017: 43.0 IP, 4.81 ERA, 4.03 FIP, 8.16 K/9, 4.40 BB/9, 0.84 HR/9, .296 AVG
Career vs Active Astros: .200/.200/.400, 0 HR, 5 PA
Career @ Minute Maid Park: N/A

Norris is going up an Astros team that features possibly the best offensive lineup in the majors. Any team that has guys like Yuli Gurriel and Alex Bregman batting 8th and 9th is one scary lineup. Look for Norris to struggle against the Astros’ power bats on Wednesday.