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Daily Fantasy MLB picks for Tuesday, May 23

Carlos Carrasco has only allowed back to back 3+ER once in 45 starts.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Full docket of games today (15) scattered from 7:05pm -10:10pm. The highest of the pitchers is Clayton Kershaw ($12,600 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)

Weather (as of now):
Lots of scattered Showers, it will limit who I pick today. Be wary of:
Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies
Seattle Mariners @ Washington Nationals
San Francisco Giants @ Chicago Cubs
Minnesota Twins @ Baltimore Orioles

Target: Carlos Carrasco ($10,300) Cleveland Indians @ Cincinnati Reds
1. Rebound start for Carlos who has only allowed back to back 3+runs once in the last 45 starts.
2. Cincinnati Reds. I'm not sold on them completely, last nights game shouldn't be the norm from Cleveland pitchers.
3. Carrasco's ER on the road this year: 2 vs. Texas; 0 vs. Chicago White Sox; 2 vs. Detroit Tigers and 0 vs. Toronto Blue Jays (not exactly joke opponents).

Stack Against: Rick Porcello ($8,900) Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers
1. The Rangers are red hot so I will continue with stacking against opposing pitchers.
2. Shin-Soo Cho, Mike Napoli and Rougned Odor are all batting over .300 against Rick. Napoli and Shin-soo are doing this with at least 12 AB against him.
3. I don't think Rick is necessarily giving up 5ER but I feel good about Rougned, Mike and Shin-soo

Three Hitters I like:

  • Adam Frazier ($3,400) he has 5 runs, 7 RBIs and 1 SB batting .481 over his last 27AB.
  • Colby Rasmus ($2,900) he is batting .316 with 1 HR over 19AB vs. Matt Shoemaker
  • Kurt Suzuki ($2,500) averaging an RBI 60% of the time he plays.

Hitters I'd avoid:

  • San Francisco at Chicago Cubs. I don't feel like this game will make it the whole way with the current weather conditions.

Sample Lineup
Kurt Suzuki (C )
Mike Napoli (1B)
Rougned Odor (2B)
Tim Anderson (SS)
Joey Gallo (3B)
Adam Frazier (OF)
Colby Rasmus (OF)
Michael Conforto (OF)