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Swarming MLB: UNU’s Picks for May 19th


Of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, 22 play in the Eastern or Central time zones. That creates an interesting element for sports pundits, oddsmakers, and even an UNU Swarm of baseball fans to consider. It isn’t unusual for west coast baseball games to wrap up when the clock is well past midnight on the east coast, and as such fans in many home team markets may not be as well-versed on the ins and outs of Pacific time zone teams as they are for east coast teams.

We bring that up this week, because many of the most confident picks the UNU Baseball Swarm made for today’s games won’t wrap up until fairly late this evening. It’s Friday though, and coming off a 10-5 performance on Tuesday…these picks are worth waiting up for tonight.

Click here to see all of UNU’s picks!

One of the picks the UNU Baseball Swarm had the highest confidence in is the Dodgers prevailing over a sputtering Miami club at Chavez Ravine tonight. It’s easy to understand why the swarm has such strong belief when you look at the Dodgers starting pitcher tonight. Stop us if you’ve heard this before: tall lefty with a deceptive delivery who is striking out batters with a baffling mix of pitches. No, not Clayton Kershaw…it’s young hurler Alex Wood. Wood was originally just considered a bullpen stopgap to plug a rotation hole, but he’s whiffed 48 batters in 35 innings and has earned a permanent role as a starting pitcher for now. The swarm thinks he and his teammates will be able to handle Miami with relative ease tonight.

Every week during the MLB season, Unanimous A.I. will be conducting swarms to pick the outcomes of games. If you’d like to either join a swarm or just get the predictions weekly, feel free to drop by UNU.