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Sonny Gray, Matt Moore and many more streaming options for Tuesday 5/2/17

Sonny Gray is all set to make his first start of the season on Tuesday. Is he worth streaming, or will a poor 2016 and injuries prove to be too much for the young Starter?

Oakland Athletics Photo Day
Sonny Gray makes his first start this season against the Minnesota Twins looking to bounce back from injuries and a poor 2016 campaign on Tuesday.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tuesday looks to be a great day to get some quality starts from players still on the waiver wire. There are a couple probable starters that did not make the list that I really like going into Tuesday. Guys like Alex Wood, who is facing the San Francisco Giants at his home park. There is also Tyler Chatwood, who will be pitching against the rebuilding San Diego Padres away from his hitter friendly home park in Colorado. Even Jeremy Hellickson, who is facing the defending 2016 Champs at their home park may be worth an addition to your rotation. Yeah that is right I said it. I mean the Cubs can’t win every game, so why can’t Hellickson steal a win away from them?

Ervin Santana would have made this list since he is pitching at home and against a team he has absolutely dominated in the past. Sadly, Santana’s ownership has soared to 93.9%, so do not expect to see his name on any streaming lists anytime soon.

*All Owned Percentages are based on ESPN fantasy leagues


Matt Moore @ Los Angeles Dodgers (48.7% Owned)

2017: 30.0 IP, 4.80 ERA, 4.93 FIP, 7.50 K/9, 2.7 BB/9, 1.80 HR/9, .262 AVG
Career vs. Active Dodgers: .167/.286/.287, 4 HR, 125 PA
Career @ Dodger Stadium: .203/.309/.254, 1 HR, 68 PA

Moore is facing a Dodgers team this Tuesday that has really struggled to hit against him the past. While their .203 batting average against him at Dodger Stadium is better than their overall .167 batting average, it sure is not promising. His HR/9 has gone up since coming to the big leagues and currently stands at a very unimpressive 1.80. His 1.29 GB/FB this season is the best it has been since 2014, but opponents have hit batted balls with hard contact 40.2% of the time they faced Moore this year. This is the reason why his home rate has gone up, even though he is producing more ground balls than usual. Hopefully, Tuesday breaks this season’s trend for Moore as he is pitching in a stadium in which he has only given up 1 home run to opposing batters over 68 plate appearances.

Alex Cobb @ Miami Marlins (15.5% Owned)

2017: 29.0 IP, 4.66 ERA, 4.42 FIP, 6.52 K/9, 1.86 BB/9, 1.55 HR/9, .317 AVG
Career vs. Active Marlins: .122/.200/.195, 0 HR, 44 PA
Career @ Marlins Park: .238/.304/.286, 0 HR, 23 PA

Cobb has proven that he is healthy this season, which is a good sign for the Rays after missing most of 2016 due to injuries. Cobb’s specialty since reaching the major leagues has been limiting the number of home runs opposing batters hit against him. This year his 1.55 HR/9 is almost 1.00 over what he posted in 2014. His 1.71 GB/FB is the worst he has ever posted over his major league career, but it is not at all bad for the average pitcher major leagues pitcher. The 45.5% of hard contact hitters have on batted balls against him is the reason for the rise in home runs hit against Cobb. Hopefully, he can get back to his 2014 self, and start producing more soft contact from opposing hitters.

Sonny Gray @ Minnesota Twins (54.4% Owned)

2017: N/A- First Appearance This Season
Career vs. Active Twins: .265/.379/.388, 1 HR ,58 PA
Career @ Target Field: .250/.347/.333, 0 HR, 49 PA

Sonny Gray is finally back!!! I do have a little bit of bias on this pick as Gray is from the same hometown as me and pitched for favorite college growing up. Even with my bias, Gray is facing a Twins team that is struggling to produce at the plate this year. They are only hitting .242/.332/.375 over 872 plate appearances this year. Miguel Sano has been the only Twins player hitting for power this year, but they do have a lot of dormant power potential in their lineup with the Brian Dozier, Max Kepler and Eddie Rosario. Hopefully, Gray can come back to his 2015 form and prove to everyone that he is a lot better than what he showed us in 2016.


Wily Peralta @ St. Louis Cardinals (15.2% Owned)

2017: 26 IP, 5.19 ERA, 5.87 FIP, 6.92 K/9, 3.81 BB/9, 2.08 HR/9, .277 AVG
Career vs. Active Cardinals: .302/.356/.458, 7 HR, 243 PA
Career @ Busch Stadium: .288/.351/.432, 4 HR, 156 PA

Peralta’s spring training numbers have not converted over into the regular season, and it will most likely stay that way on Tuesday. Peralta has had very poor numbers when he pitches at Busch Stadium, and even worse numbers against active Cardinals hitters. He is someone that will not get a lot of strikeouts for your fantasy team, and opposing batters have been able to continually get on base against Peralta over his career. He has given up a good amount of home runs this year, and against a good offensive team like the Cardinals really makes the outcome this match-up swing more towards a Brewers loss.


Who are you most likely to stream on Tuesday?

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  • 20%
    Alex Cobb vs. Miami Marlins
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  • 34%
    Matt Moore vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
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  • 44%
    Sonny Gray vs. Minnesota Twins
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