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Swarming the NHL: UNU’s Picks for Tonight Hockey Action


A week from today players on teams in the upper half of the NHL will be working on growing in scraggly playoff beards. Everyone else will be worrying over tee times. It’s the final week of the NHL regular season, and only a handful of games remain. There’s still plenty of incentive for most teams to play hard, though. Whether it’s for a final playoff push or a team of youngsters trying to prove they belong with the pros, there’s plenty of interesting games on the evening’s schedule.

Researchers at Unanimous A. I. convened their final regular season NHL UNU Swarm to predict the results of tonight’s hockey games. The swarm is coming off one of its most successful weeks ever. Last week the NHL swarm not only went 8-3, but they also created a perfectly ordered list of 8 games of high or medium consequence. This week’s UNU Swarm of hockey fans certainly has a high bar to clear to measure up.

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UNU’s highest confidence game tonight has the Penguins visiting the Devils in New Jersey. Although the Pens can’t catch the Caps for first place anymore, they’d like one more win at least to put away the Blue Jackets who are nipping at their heels. The woeful Devils have little to play for here, other than pride and perhaps wanting to spoil some of Pittsburgh’s fun. UNU doesn’t like New Jersey’s chances.

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