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Swarming the EPL: UNU’s Picks for 4-22


The UNU Premier League Swarm juggernaut continues to roll forward. Last week this swarm – composed of casual Premier League fans – posted its third straight 7-3 record in predicting the outcomes of Premiership matches. Winning at a 21-9 clip is already an impressive feat, but the swarm assembled by Unanimous A. I. posted that record in a sport in which there are three outcomes possible (thanks to draws), rather than just two possible finishes in other sports. That dramatically increases the difficulty here.

The current week is an interesting and exciting one in the Premier League. Although there are only six proper League matches, there’s good reason for the postponement of the other four: the F. A. Cup. While the rest of the league will be jockeying to hold position in the standings, on Saturday Chelsea and Tottenham will meet in one Cup semi-final match. On Sunday, Arsenal and Man. City face off in the other semi-final. As you can see below, UNU was happy to assess all these matches.

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UNU predicts that both Man United and Liverpool will manage to hold their respective top five positions in the Premiership table with wins this weekend. The swarm also thinks there’s a reasonable chance for Hull City to keep their hopes of avoiding relegation alive with a home match against Watford. Setting those matches aside, however, the two big Cup semi-final matches of the weekend at Wembley look particularly interesting.

In the first match, the swarm sees a good chance that Chelsea reverses its recent run of questionable form to prevail against a young and hungry Spurs side. For Sunday’s match, the question of Arsenal’s motivation is key. Will the Gunners count the F. A Cup run as their last chance at glory with longtime manager Arsene Wenger, or will they continue with their recent uninspired play. The UNU Swarm seems to think the latter, and expects City to dismiss Arsenal from the tournament.

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