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FanDuel DFS MLB picks for Wednesday, April 19th

First pick of the year, let's see how we do out of the gate.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ok first one here, I'll lay this out -€” might be some rust so take the first 2 with a grain of salt (ringing endorsement eh?)

Target: Dylan Covey (7:05pm) @ NYY
What comes up must come down and we are starting to see that with the Yankees. They got roughed up last outing and with 1 run to show for it, I think the same happens here. Dylan had a 1.69ERA in his last outing and I'm doubling down on a second "average" start. I don't think he's a long term success but I'll go in on his first two. What I'm seeing here is he's the second cheapest pitcher but I think he'll bring about mid-level results among his peers.

Stack Against: Francisco Liriano (7:07pm) vs. Boston

First Game @ TB - .1 Inning Pitched, 135 ERA and a .25 K/BB

Second Game vs. Balt -€” 6.2 Innings Pitched, 2.70 ERA and a 5.00 K/BB

Third Game vs. Boston.
He's 9th on the list of Pitchers right now and I'm not bullish on this matchup. I'm not saying anything north of 7ERA but I wouldn't be surprised if we see a 4-6 ERA from this game. Red Sox have been hit or miss on the Road but it's tough to tell with 2 total opponents. I'm less certain about Toronto's run support.