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NBA DFS value pick for April 10

Here’s one player you can get at a bargain in daily fantasy.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Orlando Magic Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

When I wrote, “I see no reason Dudley’s role will decrease on Sunday” in yesterday’s post, I meant to say, “Dudley’s role will surely decrease and you definitely should not pick him.” Sorry for the typo.

The dude played three total minutes against the Mavericks after getting 30+ the last three games. I don’t know why, but it happened.

I’m 3-3.

Pick: Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon

FanDuel price: $6,300

DraftKings price: $6,600

Opponent: Chicago Bulls

The salary has increased, but I still think Aaron Gordon is underpriced.

Though the Magic have nothing left to play for, AG has been the beneficiary of a lot of playing time and is feasting on both ends of the floor. His versatility and athleticism intrigue me - if a guy with his kind of energy gets over 30 minutes, they are bound to fill the stat sheet, even if the shot isn’t falling. He had 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block to go along with 17 points on Saturday against Indiana.

Tonight, Orlando takes on a Bulls team that ranks 18th against SF/PFs. Let’s eat.

FanDuel success line: 32 points

DraftKings success line: 34 points