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Swarming the NHL: UNU’s Picks for March 7th


UNU NHL FACEOFF for March 7th

Unanimous A.I. is never content with just making a week or two of strong predictions on any given subject. These weekly predictions have been remarkably accurate for MLB and the NFL, so the researchers at Unanimous A.I. were eager to see if those successes could translate to the NHL this season. After two strong weeks out of the gate in the NHL, researchers were eager to get right back after it. This week, they convened a large swarm of 45 NHL hockey fans to predict the outcomes of tonight’s NHL games. This week’s NHL Swarm will have a tall order to top last week’s group, which went 8-2 picking winners and hit some big returns financially.

There are nine games scheduled tonight, and none look like automatic wins. The most confident pick that this the Swarm A.I. made was taking the Minnesota Wild over the St. Louis Blues, but even then the group didn’t feel comfortable in taking a two-goal spread. In fact, every game this week had the swarm only recommending a one-goal, or straight up win. While that might seem like an overly cautious play, in reality one-goal games down the playoff stretch have become something so common that the NHL is considering changing a rule, to get teams to open things up more late in games. The thinking is, too many teams simply clog their own zones late in game, hoping to get away with at least one precious point for the playoff standings in regulation time. It sure seems as if this week’s NHL UNU understood that pretty well.

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If you click the link you can see replays of all nine games as picked by the swarm today. One game that caught the eye of the Unanimous A.I. researchers is the game tonight in Florida between the Panthers and the visiting Rangers. New York is in a good spot to make the NHL postseason, but they’d surely love to get ahead of Pittsburgh if possible to be best positioned for a playoff run. The Panthers are well behind the Rangers in points on the season, but for Florida it is make or break time. They desperately need a win tonight. Taking that into account, the sports books have made Florida a mild favorite at home, but UNU sure does like the Rangers to prevail in this contest.

If you’d like to join other hockey fans in future NHL prediction swarms, please drop us a line HERE. We’ll make sure to include you next week when we hit the ice again.