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UNU KNOWS HOCKEY: Swarm A.I. Has a Perfect Night on the Ice


UNU NHL Swarm Nets a Perfect 8-0 Record in Recommended Games, Produces a 215% ROI

For the past seven weeks, Unanimous A. I. has convened regular swarms of NHL fans to predict the outcomes of NHL games. Meeting weekly, our Swarm A.I. has done very well, putting up a 35-20 record across 55 games that have been recommended plays.

But last night, something extraordinary happened – every single game UNU recommended was a winner.

What makes a game a UNU Swarm recommendation? It boils down to a combination of factors, such as anticipated goal differential and an expressed wagering confidence. Maybe most importantly for ranking the list of games from “Highly recommended” down to “High risk” is Brainpower. This is a statistic that UNU generates that takes a number of factors into consideration, among them the time it takes a swarm to arrive at a decision as well as the level of conviction for that pick.

If we revisit UNU picks from last night’s games, we can clearly see the power of Swarm A.I.

Click here for replays of all of UNU’s Picks!

UNU’s correct picks are highlighted in green. As you can see, not only did the swarm post a fine 8-3 record for the 11 games last night, UNU was also smart enough to tell us which games it felt confident in…and which games it didn’t. Last night in all eight games where there was some degree of high confidence the swarm was exactly right.

And what happens when you let UNU's confidence ratings guide your wagers? As you can see below, one of our users turned $35 worth of wagers on those 8 games into more than $110, for a Return on Investment of 215%.

Once again, we're seeing that UNU is very smart, and Swarm A.I. helps individuals make better decisions than they could make on their own. Unanimous will continue to do UNU Swarm predictions on hockey throughout the rest of the NHL season and playoffs. If you’d like to see if the swarm can keep its hot streak alive, check us out at UNU.