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Swarming the NHL: UNU’s Picks for Tuesday’s Games


Swarm A.I. Amplifies Intelligence of Hockey Fans

The signs of spring are everywhere, from melting snow and longer days to baseball teams breaking camp and heading north. For hockey fans, Spring means crunch time. Teams have just two more weeks to improve their playoff chances and earn home ice. Teams with no hope of getting in are likely to be giving more and more ice time to prospects. Will the pressure wear down the good teams? Will aging veterans on teams with no chance of getting into the postseason start mailing it in?

Those kinds of meta-considerations make predicting the outcomes of games at this point in the season especially challenging. Keeping track of which team is playing rookie lines or what teams are in contention for home ice in the first round can be a dizzying challenge even for the most seasoned hockey observers. That’s what’s so great about UNU. While no single fan may have all the necessary knowledge to make consistently great picks,Unanimous A. I. can bring a group of informed hockey fans together UNU, their Swarm A.I. platform by swarming, these fans amplify one another’s knowledge to make smarter, more informed predictions.

This week’s UNU Swarm focused on the 11 games on Tuesday night’s NHL schedule. This looks like a challenging slate of games for the swarm to predict accurately. There are matchups between playoff teams, such as the Minnesota Wild hosting the Washington Capitals. There are also matchups like the Detroit and Carolina Hurricanes game, which looks like a fight between two teams who’ll be watching the NHL postseason on TV. Unanimous A. I. researchers don’t let the swarm pick and choose which games they want to forecast. The UNU Swarm has to consider all the elements that may factor into these games.

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One game that carries a lot of importance tonight is the matchup in Edmonton between the Oilers and the Kings. The Kings have their backs to the wall tonight, with a loss pretty much putting them out of wild card playoff contention. Don’t expect the Oilers to just roll over, though. Edmonton is looking for a second place finish and perhaps two rounds or more of home ice in the playoffs. So how does UNU see this key matchup between Pacific Division rivals?

The UNU NHL Swarm doesn’t like the Kings chances too much. As you can see by watching this swarm, the lower 77% brainpower is mostly a result of this swarm having indecision on the extent of an Edmonton win, without having any loss of confidence that the Oilers will end up prevailing.

Although the NHL season is winding down, UNU has plenty more sports predictions to come! Whether you’re interested in participating in future swarms for sports, investments, or entertainment, visit to get more information.