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Swarming the Sweet 16: UNU’s Picks for Every Game


March Madness is here and everyone you know has filled out - and probably already torn up - their NCAA bracket. Here at Unanimous A.I., we challenged a group of college basketball fans to see if they could amplify their intelligence and improve on their individual performance by using our UNU, our Swarm A.I. technology. Long story short, once again, the Swarm is smarter than the people who comprise it.

The 100 people who took our survey averaged a 24-8 record in Round 1 of the tournament, good enough to for the 49th percentile on ESPN's world-wide bracket challenge. That kind of average performance is exactly what you'd expect, and it's where you'd expect the UNU Swarm to finish if there were no amplification of intelligence going on here. And yet, UNU's bracket went 28-4 in round one, putting it in the top 1% of all brackets on ESPN.

Now the team here at Unanimous has challenged its Swarm A.I. to complete a Sweet 16 Bracket as part of ESPN's "Second Chance" Challenge. But, we've thrown in a little twist. Instead of inviting everyone from round one back, we picked the highest performing individuals from the survey, and asked them to use UNU to complete what we're calling the Unanimous AI "HP" bracket, which you can see below and follow along with on ESPN.

Of course, not all matchups are created equal. So, we didn't just ask the swarm to fill out a bracket, we had them rank all eight Sweet 16 matchups according to their confidence in the prediction. As you can see in the chart below, this particular swarm is confident that Kansas and Baylor will win their Sweet 16 games, but is far less sure about Kentucky, Florida and Oregon.

We'll be tracking the swarm's progress throughout March Madness. You can check back here for updates, or check out if you'd like see other insights from the swarm.