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Fantasy Auto Racing: Auto Club 400

Kyle Larson is the best in the sport in 2017.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy Auto Racing:

What: Auto Club 400
When: March 26th
Where: Auto Club Speedway
2016 Winner: Jimmie Johnson

I will follow Yahoo's Fantasy Auto Racing where you pick 2 A Racers, 4 B Racers and 2 C Racers. As such I will pick one from A, 2 from B and 1 from C (as if they were your starters) along with one Dark Horse pick.

Track: Auto Club Speedway. This low banked 2 mile oval was built in 1996 with the light fixtures added in 2004. Control serves better than speed on this track given the embankments, environment and layout.

Kevin Harvick. I'm doubling down on Harvick. It's not that last week was bad, but I think he will do even better this week at yet another track that he's comfortable with.

Chase Elliot.  I'm going to go through all of his starts in no time but when he's racing this well, why not stick with it? He finished 6th here last year and has top ten finishes in half the races this year.

Kyle Larson. It's hard to argue that he isn't the best racer to start the 2017 season. Top ten finishes in 3 out of 4 races, he leads the Monster Cup in points right now and has not showed any serious weakness at all in any race to date. He's not winning the races but when you finish in the top 5 everytime it speaks volumes to your racing and the team behind you.

Erik Jones. I'm  quadrupling down. Much like Chase, as long as he contends in each race I see no reason why not to keep picking him in the near future. Better to use up all your starts on great finishes than save it and have him possible falter later in the season. 

Dark Horse.
Paul Menard, he has 3 top ten finishes here among his last 5 starts. He's only had about one great race this year but I think this could be his second.