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Swarming the NHL: UNU’s Picks for Tonight’s Games

As the old song goes, “two out of three ain’t bad.” Last week, Unanimous A. I. had a big week of predictions. Our NCAA basketball fans managed a 28-4 record in the first round of March Madness, which put the swarm in the top 1% of all brackets on ESPN. Our English Premier League fans backed that up by correctly predicting seven out of nine games correctly for the weekend’s League games. Unfortunately, we ended up having our first losing week ever on NHL picks. That kind of thing can happen on a night when the Capitals, Wild, and Sharks all get upset.

The research team at Unanimous was understandably eager to get back in the saddle this week, putting together a swarm of 45 NHL fans to pick the winners of an 11-game Tuesday night slate using our Swarm A.I. technology. This is the toughest time of the year to make these picks because UNU hockey swarm participants have to consider the impact of the late-season standings on how teams may play. Some clubs are comfortably into the playoffs and have secured the best position for home ice they can get. These teams may rest veteran regulars down the stretch. Other teams that have no chance may use the final few weeks of the season to get a better look at youngsters and prospects for next year. Tread carefully.

Click here to see all the Swarm’s picks!

The chart above shows how our UNU Swarm thinks tonight's games will go. If you just take a cursory glance at that chart without clicking on the replays, you might be wondering why the Rangers are listed as best bet, so let’s highlight that game – and the 78% brainpower attached to it – to show you why we ranked that result the way we did.

From the replay, it’s clear that any indecision by the swarm wasn’t related to whether the Rangers would win, but rather by how much. The researchers at Unanimous consider a variety of confidence factors when evaluating the swarm’s responses to each game. In this case, the team was able to determine that there was very strong sentiment towards the Rangers with this UNU, and as a result the result was upgraded to “Best Bet” status.

If you’d like to join other hockey fans in future NHL prediction swarms, please drop us a line below. We also host regular swarms on other sports, politics, and the world of investing and finance and we’d love to get you involved. Check us out at